Feb 17, 2018

Casual Saturday #19....

my beautiful Valentine´s day bouquet from my finacé ^^


Hi guys and happy Saturday,
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the whole weekend is ahead of us so what are your plans? We are going to stay in and I mean it this time. No plans and no appointments for us. Maybe shooting some outfits but that ´s it.

We had been at our favorite restaurant on Valentine´s day and it was delicious. The food is always so good there it is incredible. You have to queck it out when you are in the area (also check out my food guide here). 

On Thursday I have met up with a long lost friend of mine. We used to work together years ago but then she got another job and was building a house and got a baby so there wasn´t much time left and I also had a lot of stuff going on and to do so we haven´t seen us in three years.
We had so much catching up to do that we totally lost track of time and got home very late.

Since I am staying at home on Friday´s I am planing all of our meals upfront. For this I have a weekly planer and I also have a Pinterest board with lots of food inspiration. This works really well and I totally love that I only have to shop groceries once a week cause I hate it. 
 Shop my weekly planer here and browse my Pinterest board here.

 The week in blog posts:
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Thursday - Winter white - knitted sweater and flared denim....
Friday - Lip stains....

My latest finds for Spring so far....

This week really flew by. So now I am ready for another cup of coffee and some learning. I am really glad when this is over. So annoying. 

Also I am going to make a bunch of cupcakes later. There has to be a treat for me then. 

Wishing everyone a great weekend.

Feb 16, 2018

Lip stains - tried, tested and loved - drug store and MAC....

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor - 645 Éternité
I haven´t been using Revlon for a few years now so I obviously missed the point where it came back to German drug stores. 
I picked a gloss and a view other things but I have to used them first before saying anything about it. 
The gloss so far is great, it is super pigmented and it smells so good. The color is a pretty nude with a rosy undertone. This is definitely a perfect color for Spring. Totally goes with every rose, blush and pink top you are wearing. But it doesn´t dry on your lips, this is more a gloss than a lip stain. Although I really like it. About 11 Euro.

Iconic tube - check. Super pigmented color - check. Bold pink shade - check. Dries perfectly - check. Stays very long - check. The only downside it has - in my opinion - it sticks a little before it dries but obviously it has too since it is no powder. Totally recommend this one. About 26 Euro.

I was totally surprised by this one. Great pigmentation. Dries very quickly and stays a long time. The pink is such a great color for Spring. Can´t wait to wear this one with a white blouse. There are also lots of other colors available. Also great price point for about 7 Euro.

This one wasn´t nearly as pigmented as I thought. I is a little sheer and the color is more of a neon than a deeper purple but since it is the Pantone 2018 color I had to try it. It definitely needs some touch ups and it doesn´t dry completely. The quality isn´t as good as I thought since their lipsticks are great. Would not buy another one the mattes. About 8 Euro.

This was no stranger to me. They have lip laquers with other finishes which I also own. The red is really pretty. Got this for Christmas time but I think it works year round. But it is more on the glossy side. It has a matte finish but it doesn´t dry very good. About 6 Euro.

This one really surprised me (so much that I also got a second color) a lot. First of all it is not drying totally but although it is longlasting.The color is great. It is a different one for me. Usually I am not using a mauve kind of color but you know sometimes you gotta step out of your comfort zone. I totally fits for several colors and looks. The finish is very matt, like the tube says and for about 3 Euro there is nothing to complain. 

This is a really pretty color. Such a great nude hue. Matches every outfit. I like that it has a matte finish but it doesn´t dry very good. Also it lasts. So this really is a good every day lip look. About 6 Euro.

trend it up ultra matte lipcream - color 51
This one makes an okay gloss. It is okay for over a lipstick. But it doesn´t dry and it doesn´t hold very long or very good. Also it feels very slippery on my lips. About 3 Euro.

Super stay is the theme here guys. This one holds up incredibly. I was out for dinner this evening and when we came home I took a shower and afterwards it was still there. The color lasts incredible. Had to remove it with an eyeshadow remover cause nothing else workes. Although I thought it would be a lighter red hue than it really is. It darkens when it dries. And the one thing I didn´t like at all is that is sticks. Even when it is all dryed it still sticks. 


Hi guys,

by knowing that I am a lipstick addict - yes guilty - you might not be surprised that I have expanded my area from lipsticks to lip stains. I am a lover of bold and bright colors but I also like my lip color to stay in its place. So the idea of a lip stain is perfect. 

I have picked out different colors, brands and price points and tested each one for a few days and boy there was a difference.

Of couse I am going to keep them all cause all the colors are adorable but I probably gonna use them in a different way not only as a pure gloss.

Update: A few days after shooting this post I found another great lip stain when I was at the Kiko Milano store. The Instant color matte liquid lip color. I got color 09 rose mauve and color 10 dark mauve and I love them. They dry right away. The colors I got are pretty pigmented and they last several hours no matter what your are doing. They are available in a bunch of different colors. About 10 Euro. 

Have you picked your favorite color?

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.