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Monthly favorites April....

Hi guys,
we are back at the monthly favorites again which means another month is over and there are pretty cool products I have found. There are a few things planned for May. I want to get two rooms done and give you a little tour. There are also some trips I am planning - just for a day but sometimes you need a little difference to your every day life especially when work is so boring at the moment.

How pretty are these shoes ? I found them by coincidence cause I wasn´t looking for them at all. I was just looking for a pair of navy shoes (searched with a filter so the site showed my all the blue hues) and on another note found a second pair. They are no real leather shoe but I totally like them. I have a size 37 and they fit perfectly. The studs match pretty good with the baby blue color. I think they really can compete with the original and I mean for the price anyway (about 50 Euro). They are also available in red.

I found this bag online at the Mango site while I was looking for a yellow bag (finally found one but somewhere else) and it immidiately catched my eye. It has the perfect shape and size for a straw bag and have you seen the pompom´s. They are super cute and so soft. I already wanted one like this last year but I must admit I didn´t like any of them. The range wasn´t really big and I only spotted ones which where huge. Chloe could have easily slept in there. This one is great and it is only about 35 Euros. You can see it in this, this and this post.
I am really glad I had been to London in March because I have been looking for this kind of mugs for a long time. These are pretty hard to find in Germany so I ended up having none but when we found out we would fly to London I took a closer look at every interieur store they had and found these pretty mugs at the Anthropologie site. They are really heavy and good quality and they hold lots of coffee. They are about 12 Euros. But you don´t have to go on vacation for your mugs they ship internationally.
I found this by browsing through the web reading reviews of heat protection sprays. I was just looking for one who is really working and protects my hair from getting worse. It is already dry from straightening and curling to much. And I don´t know if my hair is doing any better but it doesn´t get worse so this is a win for me and I love the smell. I reminds at a Hugo Boss perfume for men. The spray has such a masculine scent.

I have to admit that I only had one item of Benefit cosmetics before and that is the Dandelion blush. I like it and use it frequently and probably would repurchase it. I got a sample of the mascara some time ago while buying the latest Elle magazine. I really was curious cause I have heard a lot about it but I had my own favorite so I wasn´t going after that but after using it for about three weeks I ended up really liking it and this one is definitely gonna be on top of my next beauty order.


This is one of the cutest decoration items I have ever purchased. So adorable. It is a candle in a pineapple shaped jar with a cover that are the leaves of the fruit. They have 4 different colors at their online store - gold, white, black and silver. I ordered the golden one for my office and the white one for my nightstand. So adorable. They are about 6 Euros (also available as a big version) and the candle is a non-scent one.
  Vintage rugs for my bedroom and dressing room
I was looking for a little rug for my dressing room. Maybe you can remember that the whole room has a pink carpet but I wanted another to lighten this up and to split the room in smaller sections. I put the rug under my make-up table and I love it. It has pink paint spatters on it so it fits perfectly.
The other one is for my bedroom (gonna do a tour for this room very soon) and I also kept it in similar colors to the room as it has a light wooden flooring and one orange wall. They are both from the same line but they look totally different and they are both so beautiful.

So if there are any more questions about items I posted feel free to ask. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you. 

Outfit: Blue hues / striped cardigan / jeans skirt / nude bow flats / quilted chain strap bag....

Skirt H&M on Sale!! / Cardigan H&M old similar here / Flats bonprix / Bag very old similar here and here / Lips - Manhattan Oh so orange

Hi dolls,

I always had a thing for a good blue and white combination. I knwo I am repeating myself but this just looks so fresh and springish. I am totally falling for this color theme - maybe it is because I love the ocean so much. Or I just like blue. 

I got this jeans skirt with different colored rectangles from the H&M Spring sale and I love it. The shape and the coloring reminds me so much of the 70´s. This outfit would also be great with a hat a pair of suede booties. 
I paired it with a striped cardigan and kept the shoes and bag in the nude tone of the stripes. I loved it to take picutres between the beautiful tulips and other flowers (on another note - sorry for the strange hair but I wasn´t able to get any hairstyle this day, didn´t like anything).

So it is finally Friday. Thank god. This had been such a crazy week. We only had one evening together this week so there gonna be lot sof cuddles on the weekend for me. 
We have no specific plans for the weekend. Tomorrow a friend and her sun is coming over for cake and on hopefully there will be some Indian food in the evening. On Sunday we are visiting my grandma and I hope the weather is better to shoot some outfits and set the patio furniture up.

Blau-weiß Kombinationen haben mir schon immer so sehr gefallen. Ich weiß ich wiederhole mich hier aber es sieht einfach so frisch und frühlingshaft aus. Vielleicht mag ich es auch so gerne weil es mich ans Meer errinnert oder ich Farbe Blau einfach toll finde. 
Ich hab diesen Rock aus dem H&M Spring Sale. Die verschiedenfarbigen Rechtecke auf dem Rock gefallen mir besonders gut. Der Schnitt und das Farbmuster errinern mich so sehr an die 70er Jahre. Ich denke es würde auch klasse mit einem Hut und Veloursleder Booties aussehen. 
Ich habe den Rock mit einem gestreiften Cardigan kombiniert und die Ballerinas sowie die Tasche in dem gleichen Cremeton der Streifen gehalten. Am besten an dem Outfit gefallen mir die Tulpen. Ich mag Blumen einfach so sehr und das zur Zeit alles blüht und die ganzen verschiedenen Blüten und Farben mit auf den Bildern ist, ist doppelt schön (Noch was anderes: Sorry für die komische Frisur aber es hat nichts funktioniert an dem Tag und mir hat auch nichts besonders gefallen-es kann nur aufwärts gehen).
Am Wochenende haben wir nichts besonderes vor. Samstag kommst eine Freundin zum Kaffee, abends gibts hoffentlich was Indisches (mmhh) und Sonntag fahren wir zur Oma. Ich hoffe das Wetter wird besser um ein paar Outfits zu shooten und ich will endlich die Gartenmöbel aufbauen und rausstellen.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.

Outfit: Lace shirt / apricot sweater jacket / skinny jeans / Buffalo nude heels / Guess tote bag...

Jeans H&M similar here (I cut it by myself) / Shirt H&M old similar here and here / Jacket Clockhouse old similar here / Bag Guess similar here, here and here / Shoes Buffalo / Sunnies old similar here / Long Necklace Pieces / Short necklace Swarovski 

 Sometimes its the simple things which make a great outfit like a shirt and a pair of jeans and a cute jacket thrown over. Of couse the pieces don´t have to be boring so let´s see what we got: a pair of jeans with a raw hem, a shirt with lace sleeves and collar a two-tone jacket with fake pockets. 

It is a simple but put together look. These are the ones I loves. 

Still raining over here. But I am happier with the rain than with the snow. It is hard taking any outfit pictures with this bad weather and even Chloe doesn´t want to go outside.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.

Beauty and Make-up products - the latest....

Hi guys,

I am always curious for new beauty products or trying out existant brands I haven´t used before.
So these are some I had tried out lately. I wanted to write about them in my monthly favorites post but this would have been way to much and the post would have been way to long. 

Watch is from Michael Kors (no longer available in this size - similar here)

You all know how much I love lipsticks and of course I had to try out these ones from Manhattan as they came out - the moisture renew lipstick line. First they had just a few colors but not they offer one for every taste. These are no matte lipsticks they have kind of a glossy finish which I also like from time to time. After getting all the matte products it is nice that you can switch if you like. 
The two colors I have choose are in the pink/berry tones. 
The left one is 900 Crystal Berry and the rigth one is 940 Glam Plum.

Another product I tried out is the L´oréal Paris Skin Perfection face creme. I am always or let me say still on the hunt for the perfect face creme for me. There had been many I tried from AOK to Garnier to Bebe to Neutrogena and the list goes on and on. I have a mixed skin type which means I need mattifying for my nose and chin but at the same time I need lots of hydration cause my skin gets dry very quickly. Not easy. I used this one for about 6 weeks now and I am satisfied with the product. It is a day and night creme in one and for about 12 Euro it is totally fine.

This might be my favorite oil of all time. Let me start from the beginning. I had neurodermatitis when I was a child - really bad in fact - and there are still some dry areas on my body (two on my arms, one on my foot and another one on my neck. From time to time (and I still don´t know the cause for sure) they start to grow and get really really dry and from scratching they become even worse. So I bougth BI-OIL to give it a try. If it can prevent stretch marks in pregnancy maybe it could help my with my skin problems too and it works. It is so so good. It moves into your skin really quick and is not sticky at all. The smell is so good. They offer two sizes. I have the smaller one but I definitely get the bigger bottle when I repurchase it. I hope they never stop producing this product.

These two are just for fun and for the love of pink. And there is a huge love. As I like anything pink and polka dots I had to have those two and I needed a new lash curler anyway. It is from the brand (ebelin) our drug store carries but here are similar ones. The twezzer is from essence (similar here also cute) and it isn´t anything brand new or world changing - I just liked the design and the price point.

I wanted to try this one cause I have been using the egg shaped lipbalm from EOS for years now. It is the sweet mint flavor and it is totally matching with the egg balm but I also like this one. The shape is more praticle for carrying in a small handbag. It isn´t as big as the usual balms.

Blush Berry from the Maybelline Color Show series is my favorite nail polish at the moment. I have also written a whole post about this hues here. I think their polishes are totally fine for 3 Euro. The color is drying really quick and it is high pigmented so you only have to use one layer. 

As always thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you. 

Outfit: White marlene pants / nude bow flats / pastell striped pullover / pink blazer....

Pants H&M sold out similar here, here and here / Pullover bonprix / Blazer bonprix old similar here / Bag Mango / Flats bonprix / Sunnies old similar here / Earrings sixx old similar here  / Necklace short one here, long one here / Lips - Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Dark Rosewood

Hi dolls,

who doesn´t like a lightweighing and flowy white pant for Spring and Summer ?! Right ?! I like wearing this kind of pants with a wide Marlene leg. In my opinion they match perfect with the warm weather and it has such an elegant but fancy twist. 

I paired it with the pastell palette. The light pink shade of the blazer is also in the pullover so it is matching perfectly. I also went with a pair of nude flats and a straw tote. I love how the nude color looks very chic and springish but isn´t taking over the color theme and the whole outfit. I paired it with my favorite necklaces which I am wearing very often these days. These disc necklaces are a huge trend right now but more about this in a seperate post.  
 Wishing everyone a nice Tuesday. 

Wer mag denn keine leichten, fließenden weißen Hosen für Frühling und Sommer ?! Richtig ?! Ich mag diese Art von Hosen wirlich gerne. Der Marlene Schnitt kreirt einen so eleganten aber doch trendigen Look. Meiner Meinung nach passen diese Art von Hosen perfekt für die kommende Jahreszeit. Ich habe diese Hose mit einer ganzen Reihe von Pastelltönen kombiniert. Der Pullover hat ja gleich einige davon vereint, also habe ich das Rosa aufgegriffen und einen passenden Blazer sowie passende Ohrringe kombiniert. Die Ballerinas und die Basttasche habe ich in einem schlichten Beigeton gehalten. Dieser passt sehr gut dazu, kollidiert aber nicht mit den anderen Farben und bringt auch keine Unruhe rein. Abgerundet wurde das Outfit mit meinen beiden Lieblingsketten. Diese trage ich im Moment ständig. Diese Disc Anhänger an den Ketten sind ein Riesentrend im Moment aber dazu habe ich mehr in einem separaten Post für euch.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.