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London Outfit:Striped knitted vest / white button down / half leather leggins / feodora / boots....

Hi guys,
happy Friday everyone. The weekend is finally here. #tgif This week was a mess. The weather was so bad although they said it would be sunny and warm it rained the whole time. I didn´t get as many things done as I wanted and now I have to do it all on the weekend (house cleaning, grocery shopping, picking out outfits for shooting). Today we are at Florian´s grandma´s house for dinner and tomorrow we are hosting a brunch around luchtime and are at the bowling center and afterwards at the Chinese buffet. And there are two post I want to shoot on Sunday. Let´s see how much I can get done.

 The main piece the outfit is build about is this pretty striped vest from manguun collection. I got this one on sale for 25 Euros and it is worth every cent. There are so many options to wear it cause of the different colors in the pattern and of course of the lenght. That makes it easy to wear with skirts, dresses or pants. 

Einen schönen Freitag euch allen. Endlich steht das Wochenende vor der Tür. Die ganze Woche war furchtbar. Erstens dachte ich das es schönes Wetter gibt, aber es hat die ganze Woche geregnet und zweitens habe ich nicht alles geschafft was ich wollte also muss ich das am Wochenende machen (Haus putzen, einkaufen, Outfits für Fotos herrichten). Heute abend sind wir bei Florians Oma zum Essen, morgen gebe ich einen Brunch und abends sind wir beim Bowling und danach beim Chinesen. Und zusätzlich wollte ich am Sonntag noch zwei Posts fertig bekommen. Mal schauen was ich alles schaffe.
Das Hautaugenmerk dieses Looks ist die gestreifte Weste. Diese habe ich von manguun collection (Galeria Kaufhof) für ca. 25 Euro im Sale erworben und die ist jeden Cent wert. Nicht nur das dass Material super weich und hochwertig verarbeitet ist. Die Farbgebung der Streifen ist Klasse für mich und die Weste kann ganz leicht über Röcke, Kleider und Shirt getragen werden und wertet jedes Outfit sofort auf.

Hat Miss Selfridge / Bag Dorothy Perkins / Blouse similar here / Vest manguun collection / Leggins similar here / Booties H&M 

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London Diary Day 3 and 4....

Hi guys,

it is the last guide for our London trip today so on our 3rd day we hadn´t had such a huge schedule. Sundays are to rest right?!
Straight after breakfast we went to the London Eye to take a ride with it for a great view over the city. We had been there a day before but the lines where so long - both of them the ticket line and the waiting line - so we decided to back the next day.

Sunday morning really was the better choice. We only stood about 10 to 15 minutes in the ticket line and waited for about 20 minutes to get onto the London Eye. We got a combo ticket and I would recommend that to everyone who wants to see more of the attractions. Our second one was Madame Tussauds. A combo ticket is a great deal to save time and money as well.

The ride of the London Eye was pretty great. There is such a great view over the city - which is pretty big, there is no chance of seeing the ends). Florian loved the London eye (although he is no friend of heights) as he is a civil engineer he is always looking at the big extraordinary buildings and construction sights and there is a lot to see in London.

After the ride we went straight to Oxford Street for a little shopping (stores are open on Sundays as well from 12:00 to 18:00 o´clock) but first of all we had some coffee and cookies at Starbucks. We found a really good one a little away from the main street so there was no standing in line or waiting for a table to sit. I always enjoy the Starbucks coffee shops when we are at other places because we don´t have one in Regensburg - almost unbelievable I know.

We went to some of the typical british stores after our refreshment. I wanted to go to River Island and New Look since we don´t have them here and I always have to order online. I must admit cause of the size and the many products I was a little overwhelmed but I still got some cute pieces. A nude ruffle pullover at New Look and a gingham off the shoulder blouse from River Island.

The next stop was the Disney Store right across the street. They had the "Beauty and the Beast" theme all over the store. So pretty and magical. We already watched the movie on Saturday and I loved it. It is really worth a visit at the cinema.

Our last stop was Primark. I just wanted to see the inside of the store as I have heard so much of it. Good as well bad things but I must admit I have never seen this much clothing and people in a store before. 
Tired from all the walking arround and standing in lines we went to a real british pub. The Marlboro Head - located in a side street from Oxford Street. I loved this pub. That is how I imagined a pub in England. Lots of different types of beers and hearty food and there was a dark wooden wall paneling all over. So cool. I decided to eat a baked potatoe with pulled pork and BBQ sauce. So so so delicious. 
To get a shower and put down all our bags we went back to the hotel and this was the only day we had over two hours left until we had our dinner apointment so we could also take a little nap. 
For dinner we went to a greek tapas bar. I have never seen a restaurant like this. The food was so delicious (in fact everything we ate was great - so glad about that). We had a chicken leg spiced with lemon gras and mushed potatoes, souflaki with mint leaves, zaziki and a wrap, super soft pita bread, baked feta cheese with mushed peppers, olives with bread (they had purple olives - never seen them before but the taste was awesome). The restaurant was really modern and clean but also connected to the greek countryside with lots of wood and plants.

Day 4

As we had to check out at eleven o´clock and we had an evening flight we had decided to go to Madame Tussauds on this day because there was enough time left for this one attraction. I had been to Madame Tussauds a few years ago and it improved and changed a lot. 
Not that they have only wax figures. There was also a ride through the history of London, a 4D cinema about the Marvel heroes and a walk through play about Sherlock Holmes. 
 The are separated in different sections like the movie stars, the singers, the politics, the action heroes, the royal familiy, the sports guys and they always have two movie inspired sections. This time it was King Kong Skull Island made with lots of bamboo and poisoned spiders and left camps and my favorite the Star Wars section. I have loved Star Wars for a long time. I got a picture with my favorite R2D2 - they also had a travel mug from R2D2 in the shop.

After leaving Madame Tussauds - happy as a child with my new mug - we got some souvenirs we still needed to buy and then went to lunch at Francesca´s in Baker Street - an Italian restaurant. The food there was really good and a little less expensive than somewhere else.

We went back to the hotel to get our luggage and then went to the airport. Since there was plenty of time left we didn´t need to hurry and were able to drink a last guiness at the airport bar. 
Overall London is a great and there are so many things to see and to visit, the people there are nice and helpful but it is a busy city. People seem to be always in a hurry.

The drinks and the food in restaurants is really expensive so make sure upfront that you are visiting one with good reviews so the price is worth it. The ticket prices are also pretty high but you can get and see most of the sights without paying entrance so you can pic those which you are really interested in to have a closer look. I really recommend the ticket combinations the London Eye ticket couter offers. 

We only been away for four days but we had been so happy to be back home in our own house. Happy toghether with Chloe. 

If you have any questions about restaurants, tickets or anything else feel free to e-mail me. 

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Outfit: Lace tights / orange cardigan / animal printed scarf / a-line skirt....

Hi dolls,

the weather is just crazy. It has been so warm and nice yesterday and it is super cold and rainy and dark today. I have mentioned this earlier but it is so hard to get dressed - especially for me cause I plan my daily outfit the night before otherwise this would end in a total disastaer and I would be late for work every single day - when the weather changes every day. 

So this look might not be Spring appropriate but I always love a good orange. I have worn this pair of tights a few weeks earlier and I still love them. The pattern is so trendy yet feminine and they are a real highlight to the whole outfit. Also an a-line skirt is always good for twirling and which girl doesnt´t like to twirl ?!

Sorry for waiting so long for the last post of my London Diary. I wanted to post it today but it just diasppeared. I can´t find it anymore so I have to start all over again. I am really sad and also a little mad #bloggerprobs
Wishing everyone a nice Wednesday. After all this chaos this morning I am really looking forward to the evening. Going to the mall today cause I am looking for some decoration / storage pieces for my dressing room and afterwards we are having some chinese food. Yes :)

Skirt similar here / Cardigan similar here and here and here  / Tights similar here and here / Scarf similar here / Bag similar here / Heels similar here

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Outfit: Pink Coach leather satchel bag / destroyed white jeans / patched cardigan....

Hi guys,

since I got this beautiful satchel bag from Coach on our London trip (the prairie satchel bag with pebbled leather) I am rotating about outfits which could match the bag. And since it is such a nice and fashionable color there are lots of options. I got many things in a matching pink tone or a whole nude outfit to make the color of the bag pop right out.

Usually I am not wearing white jeans before April or May cause I think it doesn´t fit to the weather (just my opinion-lots of other bloggers wear them year round) but it was such a warm but windy (you can see my hair flying arround) day so I was in the right mood to put on a pair. I paired it with a pair of taupe booties and a matching cardigan with ellbow patches. The shirt I wore reflected all the colors from this outfit so this was a total match.
Seit ich diese super schöne Coach Tasche von unserem London Urlaub habe, denke ich ständig über Outfits nach die zu der Tasche passen und weil die Farbe so schön und modern ist gibt es jede Menge Optionen. Ich habe viele Kleidungsstücke in einem passenden pink Ton aber Outfits in Nude oder Schwarz passen ebenfalls hervorragend dazu.
Eigentlich trage ich keine weißen Jeans bevor es April oder Mai ist (also wirklich Frühling und kein Schmuddelwetter mehr) weil ich finde das es einfach nicht zur Jahreszeit passt (das ist nur meine eigene Meinung - andere Fashionblogger tragen weiße Jeans das ganze Jahr). An diesem Tag allerdings war es so angenehm warm und ganz schön windig (mein Haar fliegt in jedem Bild) das es einfach zu dem ganzen Tag gut gepasst hat. Ich habe meine Lieblingsstiefletten von Gabor und einen dazu passenden Cardigan mit so coolen Aufnähern an den Ellbogen dazu getragen. Das beste war allerdings das Shirt - dieses hat nämlich alle Farben wiedergespiegelt die ich an dem Tag anhatte. Ein Volltreffer also !!

Jeans similar here / Shirt similar here and here / Cardigan similar here / Satchel bag / Sunnies similar here / Earrings not so similar but pretty here / Booties similar here

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London Outfit - Olive cargo jacket / white tulle pullover / camouflage scarf / booties....

Hi guys,
this is another Outfit I wore in London and it was a perfect one for this day. It was the only really bad day (not so bad as it may sound - it just rained in the morning). I have a Thing for destoyed Jeans so you will always find a good pair of them in my wardrobe no matter where I am going. This one is from H&M and it super comfortable and so soft. It Looks kind of bleached into a lighter blue tone and it only is destroyed around the knee area. I paired it with a super cute white Pullover which has a tulle part at the backside. To stay warm I got this olive cargo jacket from H&M and a color matching scarf with a Camouflage print which showed all the Colors I was wearing this day.
How cut is the bag charm on my shopper ?! It is an eye and a lip. Comes in one piece. This really is an eyecatcher to an all black bag.

Das ist ein weiteres meiner London Outfit. Ich hatte dies an einem nicht so schönen Tag an (es hat in der Früh bissl genieselt - ansonsten hatten wir Sonne). Ihr habt bestimmt schon mitbekommen das ich irgendwie ein Fabel für kaputte Jeans habe. Ich trage diese sehr oft und sehr gerne und natürlich habe ich auch ein paar dabei wenn ich auf Reisen bin. Diese aus diesem Look habe ich von H&M und das Material ist super super weich. Die Hose hat auch einen relativ hohen Stretchanteil der sie noch bequemer macht. Die Farbe finde ich auch außergewöhnlich. Auf den großen vorderen Flächen ist es eine Art ausgebleichtes Blau und zu den Nähten hin wird es wieder dunkler. Ich habe die Jeans mit diesem weißen Pullover von Bonprix kombiniert. Der hat hinten am Rücken einen Tülleinsatz anstatt dem üblichen Material. Finde ich super süß und toll für den Frühling. Die olivgrüne Jacke habe ich mit einem passenden Loopschal mit Camouflage Muster kombiniert und der absolute Eyecatcher ist aber der Anhänger an der Tasche. 

Jeans / Pullover / Jacket similar here / Scarf similar / Shopper / Bag charm / Booties
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