Mar 23, 2018

Food Friday - tuna tartelettes and rice....

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Hi guys,
(post contains affiliate links / Werbung/Beitrag enthält Affiliate Links)
and welcome to another Food Friday I hope you are hungry cause today´s recipe is awesome. Delicious, healthy, super quick and so easy.

I am a sucker for tuna so I was so happy when I found this tartelette recipe on Pinterest.

This is a one of a kind quick and easy meal with an addictive factor cause it is so so good.

Ingredients for the dough:
- 6 cans of tuna
- 2 purple onions chopped

- 2 eggs
- 3 cups of bread crumbs
- jalapenos
- lemon juice
 - chopped parsley

Top with:

- capers
- horseraddish

How to:
- mix all the ingredients together. Season with salt and pepper if you think it is necessary
- make small patties
- put olive oil into your skillet and heat up
- cook them on medium heat. be sure to turn them often since you don´t want to get them burned on one side
- serve with capers and horseraddish

Side dish:
I made some wild rice to the tuna tartelettes since I really adore rice and think this blends very well with the taste of the tuna. 

You can add as many onions or jalapenos as you want to make it extra spicy.

Feel free to contact me if you want me to try anything else.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.


Mar 22, 2018

My latest home decor favorites and what´s in my shopping cart....

metal basket side tables Otto / yellow vase H&M / candle holder H&M / black carpet Otto
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lavender metal basket side table Otto / set of six pillows amazon / velvet armchair bonprix
table runner blue doors amazon / gold marble side table Otto / commode bonprix
cream bench bonprix / silver pineapple H&M / mint green blanket H&M / pom pom curtain H&M


Hi guys,

since I am on the home straight in terms of furnishing our house (this time I really am) I am totally in decoration and getting everything set and ready for the Easter holidays since family is visiting. 

All I need to get ready is our entrance (just need to add doors to the new shoe closet), our living room (hang the curtains, get some unreal but pretty flowers and some candles) our powder room (hang the lamp) and our guest room (find and buy a little poof or a little bench and buy some candles). 
This might seem a lot to go but it is not. There has been much more to do a few months ago but since I am constantly working on the house we are almost through.

Anyways I am in full decoration mode now and also might want to switch some of the older pieces (Florian is not happy cause he thinks I am starting all over again - so not true, just refining). So I am sharing what is currently in my cart, what I bought and what I am really craving but just haven´t hit the shop button yet.

What I already ordered:
- I got the six piece pillow set for our living room and I love it. I think it is a great price point and there are so many different color options to choose from.
- The black rug found its place in our corridor upstairs. I absolutely adore the pattern and I also have another two of them in the gray style in our living room.
- Isn´t this table runner with the bold blue colors just the cutest with all the little doors? I got this one for our dining room table since I am redecorating a little after the long hard winter. I just had a feeling I needed some new stuff especially since it is Spring now.
- Another piece I already got is the mirrored tray. I ordered it in silver and I absolutely love it. Don´t have any piece like this at home. This is awesome for decorating but will also be great for flat lay beauty picutres.
- Last piece or pieces I ordered are the black basket metal side tables but they are on back order. Hopefully they wil get here soon. I am going to divide them and use them in too different places. First place will be the living room and second place will be under the stairs since there is lots of light and room for a plant. 

What´s still in my cart:
 - I need some more silver decoration pieces so I am definitely going to order the pineapple when I have enough stuff together for my next H&M order.
- Also the creme bench is in my cart. I need this one for the guest room but there is still some time to go and I don´t want to stand it around and block everything. Only thing I am thinking about is if I buy it in the nude or in the red color.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.