Aug 30, 2015

Green and off shoulder - perfect combination

Hi guys

this ouftif contens two things I am recently loving - off shoulder and green.

The top is not a real off shoulder one - a little fake because it has small leaves underneath but I still like it and of course the color is great.

I paired it with matching flip flops which have some golden chain straps - bought them years ago in Florida but still love them - also got them in pink.

The skirt has a light creme color that matches perfectly with the green. Paired it with a little creme belt. A perfect summer outfit.

Shirt is from Clockhouse.
Skirt and Belt are H&M.
Shoes from Tyrone Mall, Florida.

Take care. See you. Love K.

Aug 29, 2015

Instagram Round Up

Hi guys,

today I have a quick Instagram Round Up for you with some of my latest outfit details:

This is one of my favorite summer dresses. A super cute and light dress. In the back it is longer than in the front that makes it super special. Paired it with green sandals and my latest Bufallo super soft leather bag.
Sunnies are Ray Ban - Wayfarer.

Here is another outfit I had worn during this hot week - but it reminds me a little of Halloween. Maybe of the black and orange combination. The skirt has a underskirt with tulle to make it more puffy. The top has some cute ruffles in the front. It is H&M and my Omega Constellation Watch.

This is an outfit for the colder weather. There has been one rainy day and it´s gotten colder immidiately. Jeans are H&M super soft and super skinny. The cardigan is promod and so soft. Bag is Longchamp Le pliage size M. 

I had worn this last sunday for a garden party. The jeans are H&M super skinny and super low and very dark. My favorite pants at the moment. The shopper is Calvin Klein from their fall collection. The color is a light grey plummy beige. Can´t tell you better - sorry. 
It is a great bag to carry all your needs like your notebook, tablet and anything else you need.
Shoes are Nike training shoes - black and white. Got them for a long time but they always carry similar ones.

I had worn this for a girls night out at a  cocktailbar.
The clutch has the cover of the Instyle magazine as pattern. Such a cute idea. My mum got me this one from her Italy vacation as a gift. The shoes have the same vibrant blue than the bag. Pants are H&M super low and super skinny - whatelse. The top is a white neckholder one with lots of ruffles in the front. You all know I am so in love with ruffles.

Have a great saturday. Take care and see you. Love K.

Aug 27, 2015

Checkered blouse for the super hot weather

Hi guys

today´s post is about one of my top fall items. 

A checkered blouse

That is one of the reasons why I am looking forward to fall so badly.
It is still super hot here so in fact you can not wear long sleeves at all - but I had been at the lake a few times and after swimming I did´nt want to wear just the bikini top so I took this blouse to cover it up and it worked perfectly for this outfit. Just be creative ;)

The blouse is from arizona. The bikini is H&M and I love it so much. Best bikini ever. You all know that white is my favorite summer color and a white bikini just looks great on tanned skin. 
The bag is buffalo and the jeans skirt is old but still perfect for summer.
Did not wear shoes.

Happy Thursday everybody.
Take care. See you. Love K.

Aug 25, 2015

Stripes - my favorite pattern of all time

Hi guys

todays post is about one of my favorite patterns - Stripes.
A striped shirt or dress it always trendy and makes matches to every pair of jeans or skirt. You can pair it with nude colors or colors in the same theme or with totally other ones like neons or blues or greens or reds. 

Stripes have been trendy for so long time - even Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn had worn stripes. 

The dress is from H&M from their Basics collection - so you might get this one throughout the whole year but maybe always in other colors. The bag is real leather. It is from Buffalo and super soft. Still available and on sale at the moment.  The sandals are from Tamaris and great to wear. They are super comfy. The heel is not so high so they are great to wear thoughout a busy day and the color almost goes with any other color. 

Wishing you all a great tuesday. 
Take care. See you. Love K.

Aug 23, 2015

Hair Care - Pantene Pro-V

To day I am introducing you to my newest hair care products.  I switch from time to time to a new brand. A hair dresser once told me if you use one type of shampoo for too long your hair is getting used to the ingridients and does not help your hair anymore.
It got the shampoo and the matching conditioner and also a two minute intense conditioner. The conditioner makes the hair very soft and makes it easy to comb. The smell is great and lasts a long time in your hair.
It is against hairdamage and split ends. Don´t know if it is useful but at the moment it makes the hair soft and shiny - so it makes it look definetely healthier.

Just a quick tip for your guys. If you do not want to put in a condtioner you can do a hair treatment once a week. So I mean you take your usual conditioner and put in on your hair and let in there for about 15 minutes -you can put a towel over it while waiting- such a great way to get healthy and shiny hair if you usually don´t have time. Doing it once a  week like this i also enough.

Keep looking forward for more product reviews.

Hope you all had a nice weekend and a great sunday.

Take care.  See you. Love K.

Aug 20, 2015

Favorites: Stripes everywhere.....

Hi guys 

todays look is probably not one of my favorites ever but the pattern is.

I love stripes and after years of wearing them in every variation and on almost every piece of clothing I am still not tired of wearing or even looking at them.

They are a pattern that had existed decades before we wore it - Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot already wore these patterns - and in my opinion it will last longer than us ......

You can combine almost every color to them vibrant or nude - always looks great. And I think stripes and some red lipstick dress up every outfit immidiately.

Here is one ouftit for you - others are in progress - the dress is H&M Basic, probably always on stock.

Hope you had a great thurday.

Take care. See you. Love K.

Aug 18, 2015

Bows-studs-shorts - super cute for hot saturdays

Hi guys 

I had worn this outfit last saturday for running some errands and what can I say - it was really comfy and stylish for this case I needed it.

Love the bow blouse - also got it in black and orange - always loved girly details on clothing like ruffles and bows and super cute patterns and stuff like that.

I already own the flats for a long time - bought them on one of my last florida trips.

The shopper is Laura Scott, it is dark green and huge. You can put a lot of stuff in it and there also fits more in it and more and more.........

Keep looking forward for more outfits...

Got a whole bunch of you for more posts...

Have a great tuesday.

Take care. See you. Love K.

Aug 16, 2015

The "Carrie-Necklace" - customized jewelry

Hi guys

today I am showing you one of my favorite necklaces of all the time.
It is customized and of course it has my name on it.
I ordered it from 
You can choose the name you want and the material ( I ordered mine in silver and extra reinforced - but of course you can also have a gold or platinum one) and the lenght of the necklace and of course the type of the letters and if you want your birth stone in it or not.

I choose the carrie necklace. It is based on the necklace which one carrie found at the flearmarket in sex and the city. She had worn it a long time, then lost it and found it again when she was in paris with the russian guy and got back together with mr. big and so on and so on.... Just wanted to give you a little peek where it comes from.

The making and shipping only took about ten days. They ship worldwide. And the package comes from an adress in England. 
The necklace comes in a super soft pink velvet purse with some flyers for other product that they customize like bracelets and rings and different types of necklaces.

Take care. See you. Love K.

Aug 13, 2015

Bee natural - tasty and organic lip balms

Hi guys 

today I am telling you a little about the latest  lip product I found. 
It is form bee natural and it is a lipbalm made of 100 % bee wax. so it is totally natural.
Maybe some of you already tried some products with bee wax as ingridient. Avon has some great products for example. It resists a long time on your lips an moistures them - to keep them healthy looking thougout the day or even night time.

They have two flavors: Mango and pomegranate. Tasted the mango one first - of course- because products which have a mango flavor it always my number one. always loved the scent and of course the fruit. The pomegranate one is also good but the flavor doesn´t come out as strong as the other one.
They are about 2 Euros each and I think they are a really great natural product. Can only recommend them.
More lip products coming soon... Keep reading.
Take care. See you.

Aug 11, 2015

Mango Shoulder bags Yellow and Turquoise - Summer Sale

Hi guys

today I am showing you two adorable pieces from my summer sale hunt through the stores.

I was at the Mango shop at the mall - not my first stop at all but on this day I went right inside - and I found an item I had been searching for quite a while. A shoulder bag wich I like on me. It has to feel and look good when I am looking at the mirror  -  otherwise I am never gonna use it.

And I found this shoulder bag. It has a separated strap - one half is a chain and the other is the same material the bag is and that is what makes it really special and exciting - and the best is they had even more different colors of it than turquoise and yellow - it was also less than 20 Euros each.

Hope you also found or still hunting for some great bargains at the summer sale......

Take care. See. you. Love K.

Aug 9, 2015

Off shoulder blouses - so sexy and comfy for summer

Hi guys

today I got a quick and very late ( I am so sorry) outfit post for you about one of my favorite clothing items at the moment: off shoulder blouses, shirts or dresses. Doesn´t matter what it is as long it´s off- shoulder. Totally obsessed with it lately. This is a type of clothing that only fits into the summer months. You can show your tanned shoulders and it has a little spanish salsa touch - maybe you know what I mean ;) Hope you had a great weekend and rest of it. Take care and see you. Love K

Paired it whith white denim shorts and matchign wedges. The blouse is from Buffalo London, still available and currently on sale. The shorts are old but you can find similar ones at H&M or Mango. (maybe also on sale)