Nov 29, 2015

Oven Backed Chicken Thighs with Rosemary Potatoes

Hi guys
today I have another really simple recipe for you. There is really nothing difficult in this one.
Frozen chicken thighs you can also take fresh ones but I always use the same ones
Potatoes (about a Pound)
and spices to make the marinade for the rosemary potatoes:
Olive Oil
Garlic (of course – that might be the only ingredient which is in every meal)
Dried rosemary (you can also use fresh one)
Salt and Pepper
a sprinkle of lemon juice
some honey
and a tbl. of mustard

Cut the potatoes into little cubes. They won´t take that long in the oven when the pieces are smaller.
Put everything into a bowl – also the potato pieces and shake shake shake - until the seasoning is all over the little cubes.

Put the chicken thighs and the potato cubes into the oven – onto several baking Sheets.
If you like you can also put some olive oil and spices onto them.

Wait for about  30 to 40 minutes and then enjoy your delicious and easy meal.

Take care. See you. Love K.

Nov 28, 2015

Essence - Merry Berry Trend Edition

Hi guys
today I am showing you some products of the essence trend Edition Merry Berry.
There are lots of purply shades so this might be this years most trendiest Christmas Color.

So here are the products I purchased:

The merry berry lipstick
Color - let the berry tales begin
It is a dark but very vibrant lip color - great feeling on your lips.

The packaging is really nice for Christmas time. The golden Highlights on the products create such a festive feeling.

Merry berry highlighter powder
I love my golden pumps
Super soft and great smelling powder. A golden shimmery highlighter with such a gorgeous star pattern. Really fits to this Special season. Puts a nice shine on your face.
Merry berry nail polish
Purple with purpose
Purple nailpolish which is matching with the lipstick from the trend edition. It is a metallic color. The particles are shimmering in every kind of light. The bottle is soooo cute with this little golden cover. Incredible cute !

Merry berry nail Stickers
I save the last Dance for you
Haven´t tried those yet. Put I am curious how they are gonna work. They seem to be very thin so it might be a little difficult. But we´ll see.

Hope you are enjoying the season so far.
Take care. See you. Love K.

Nov 21, 2015

Holiday Fashion from H&M

Hi guys

today I was looking for some clothes I could wear during the holidays and of course christmas and I found some gorgeous pieces on their H&M website. They have special pieces for christmas and I think they are so festive and special for this time of the year. They really have everything matching - form shirt to jackets to pants, shoes and jewelry.

<a href="">Baum Vektor durch Freepik entwickelt</a>

Hope your all looking forward to the most festive time of the year. 

Next post will be about some gift ideas for you guys.

Take care. See you. Love K.

Nov 12, 2015

Tomato Soup - Tasty and simple

Hi guys

today I have a great recipe for you. One I am loving and cooking a lot especially in fall and winter time.

It is a tomato  soup - doesn´t sound that special but this one is great and it is not only tomatoes.

What you need is:

Tomatoes (I take the canned ones cause they taste the same and they are ready to go)
Cream cheese
some white wine
olive oil
and of course the spices you like the most
(I took pepper, salt, chili and some dried parsley)

Cut the apples and onions - can still be big pieces 

Put some olive oil into a pot and fry the onions, the garlic and the apples for about 5 minutes

Mix some water, white wine and 2 tbls. of the broch powder (about 500 ml)

Put it into the cooking vegetables in the pot and let it cook about 10 minutes

Put the caned tomatoes into the pot and let it cook for another 20 minutes

Use the blender to make a soup out of it

Put the cream cheese into the pot - the heat of the soup will melt the cream cheese

and of course spice it up as you like but be careful - it gets more intense when you heat it up the next day

Et voila - enjoy a warm and delicious winter soup 

Nov 10, 2015

Skirts around the clock

Hi guys

today I am showing you different outfits I had worn with skirts. Every skirt is a little different so you might combine them with different pieces of clothing. I love wearing skirts and dresses especially in the Fall and Winter months because there are so many different types of tights.

Had worn this to work and I really liked it. The green pullover has those typical – I usually call it a Burlington pattern – diamonds on the front in different colors. The skirt is a  Wraparound in the same color like the pullover. (But it is not a set, just a lucky coincidence). I paired it with light grey net tights with a dot structure and
a white long scarf. The dark green is a great color especially for fall and winter and you can also wear it with nude colors and golden accessoires to make it look elegant.

For this outfit I had worn my favorite tights - the dotty ones. Spots and dots are my favorite pattern on tights but then you gotta keep  the rest of your outfit pretty simple to not look like a clown. I wore a short and tight skirt in a kinda neoprene material and a matching black and white twin-set. I know that twin-sets can have  a little old touch
but in this case I think it is really pretty and classy and you can never ever go wrong with a black and white combination – Coco Chanel was always right with this.

This is a great fall combination because of the darker but still bright colors. The dark pink turtleneck and the black skirt with lots of colorful kinda flowers or blobs. I paired this with a small golden and black chain belt
with a cute tassel at the end. Liked this outfit a lot. The skirt is short but not to and is swinging with every step you take.

So that´s it for my latest skirt outfits – but keep on reading for more dressy outfits with dresses

Take care. See you. Love K.

Nov 8, 2015

Cigarette Pant - my most versatile piece for Fall

Hi guys

today´s post is about a pant I am recently loving.  A cigarette pant. It is like a smoking pant for girls. It has a loose and comfy fit and a small shiny stripe at both sides.

You can pair it with fancy evening tops or dress it down with a jersey shirt and a scarf.

There are so many ways to combine it. Unbelivable !!

Which one is your favortite versatile piece ?

Take care. See you. Love K.

Nov 6, 2015

Instagram Round Up - Fashion Close Up

Hi guys

another Round-Up for you today. Take a closer look at my daily Ouftits on Instagram. I am trying to give you a closer look at my daily outfits and I want to inspire you. 

So here we go again......

This was one of my cozy sunday outfits that´s why I am not showing you my pants ;)
The carigan is super soft and it is oversized - the arms are fitted the rest is wide and comfy. The scarf is H&M but old - it has a kind of a riffle patteern and a nice bordure.

Here is one of my work oufits. I mostly wear blouses or button downs and black. This was a long blouse - I had also worn a belt around my waist but you can not see it that good in the picture. And of course a piece with a pattern. I always need one thing with a pattern but you might know that already.

This one is a outfit that became a favorite and I did not know upfront.
Now you might think how could this be and that´s what I thought - but this Ouftit is one of the which looks better worn than anywhere else.
I paired this mud tunic with a matching oversized cardigan and a leopard waist belt. I had worn a skirt to it but you could also wear pants. 

That´s the first of  my rosy ones. I had kind of pink days I think.
Love the batic pattern with all the different pink tones. I paired it with a light pink shirt and military style blazer - leggings and black booties. Also wore a matching head band but you can´t see this one in here.

So here is the second one of the rosy days - for a casual friday. 
Only had to work until 1 pm and I visited my grandma in the afternoon.
I like the 60s inspired tights and my granny also liked them. She told me about her earlier days - dancing rock´n roll and wearing a pair of those.
The skirt is half leather in the front - and jersey in the back. Really cool.
The pullover is last year but I like it a lot. The pink tones are different and I had worn a matching pink scarf to it.

My saturday outfit for running some errands. It was quite cold but I went into a shopping center so I did not need to wear a jacket or socks.
The pullover has a big and soft collar so you don´t need to wear a scarf. The vest is super velvety soft and even softer on the inside. The pointed heels are suede and from Buffalo. Pants are H&M and last season but still a favorite of mine.

Liked this one a lot. The green color is so trendy for fall and winter time and of course the plaid scarf is a fall highlight too.
I paired it with a simple nude shirt and a black leggings and black boots. Keeping it pretty simple.

This was one of my favorites. I love the green military vest from Zara - and of course I paired it with a matching red plaid scarf and pullover. Combined it with a pair of boyfriend jeans and oliv green Tamaris pumps.

As it has getting colder I had to start wearing my knit cardigans. I have to admit that this combination - the salt and pepper cardigan and the leopard scarf  - was my first pattern mix. I like to watch it on other bloggers but when I decide to wear it the same way I don´t like it. So I tried it again and I decided - I like it.

A last and super trendy fall outfit - wearing a striped shirt and a matching poncho. I paired it with fake fur booties, Levis jeans and a belt. 
I like the variety of the capes - there are so many different ones. With or without patterns - in nude colors or super vibrant colors and they are so valuable. You can wear them over a simple shirt or pullover or as it is getting colder also over your jacket.

Hope I could give you some inspiration on Outfits.

Take care. See you. Love K.