Jun 16, 2015

Summer salad #2 Rucola and tomato

Quick and easy to make - a great dinner for hot days

So here is another one for our recipe category 

That is what you need:

Rucola (as much as you like)
Mini tomatoes (tastes better and must´nt be sliced first)
Black olives without cores
Mozzarella cheese balls
small potatoes ( I take the precooked ones cause that is for the quick in the heading )

For the Dressing
Balsamico vinegar black
chilli powder 
(if you like olive oil)

Step by step:

Roast the potatoes in a pan

Mix the rucola, the olives, the potatoes and the mozzarella balls in a bowl

Mix the dressing slowly, don´t put everything at once in. Try it first

Put the potatoes in the bowl and pour the dressing over.

Now mix it baby

Put some of it in a small bowl 

Good appetit. Enjoy

Keep looking forward to new recipes, it is getting sweet very soon.

Take care. See you