Jun 22, 2015

Coastal Scents - Go Palette Cairo

Hi Guys

here is a quick review about the coastal scents `` Go palette `` - Cairo

It is one of the small palettes Coastal Scents has. Only has twelve colors. The usual palettes have 88 colors or 78

The colors are warm tones of brown from light to dark. 2 light shades for highlighting and three dark - almost black - ones. They are separated in matte and shiny glittery colors. I like Coastal scents eyeshadows a lot. They stay a long time when your wear them and colors get so intense when you apply them with a wet brush.

Here is a closer look on the colors . 
Row one: first two are matte, second two are shiny
Row two: all shiny 
Row three: all matte

Keep looking forward to other reviews from Costal Scents palettes. 

Take care. See you