Jul 1, 2015

Essence - Nautigirl collection

Hi guys

here is a quick update for you  on the latest essence trend edition.

nauti - girl

That is some cute stuff. I was so excited when I first saw it. I also loved the sea and the maritim themes and colors so I had to get some of the cute stuff. Keep reading and have a look:

That´s the only blush they have in this editon but it is awesome. There is an anchor print in the middle and it has kind of a redish peachy color. Looks great on your cheeks, especially for summer when your skin is a little tanner than usual. And the called it Anchors Aweigh !!!!

Those are the two lipsticks they offer. The lighter one is kind of an every day color. It is a light peachy nude color with a little shimmer and the second one is a vibrant,  almost red-orange color. Great to wear on the evenings.
(You can see the color difference by the swatches in the picture)

The last product I had gotten is a nail polish in - of course - kind of a mattee navy blue. Maybe you know that I like the dark nail polishes more than the light ones so I had to got this one. They also had a nude one but nomore in stock. Haven´t tried it yet.

Keep on looking forward to the next trend editon review.......

Take care. See you.