Jul 12, 2015

Foot care products - for super soft summer feet

Hi guys 

today a quick post on the feet products I am using lately to get super soft and neat sommer feet.

Wearing sandals in summer is so great because of all the gorgeous and different types of shoes, but you gotta take care of your feet otherwise you can wear the greatest shoes on earth but it still looks like a nightmare.

So keep on reading......

For moisture:

A foot butter and a foot balm.

The butter is more rich so you should use it on evenings or like a mask when you go to bed.

The balm is good to use throughout the day or before you get in your shoes to prevent bruises. But careful don´t use to much otherwise it could get a little slippery in your shoes :)

Next product is a peeling for your feet:

It is enough if you use it once a week to get the dead danders away from your feet and to make them even more soft. 

And a good thing is : the skin soaks even more of the lotion after a good peeling so the effect is getting way better.

This is some awesome stuff:

Sparkling bathing crystals for a foot bath.

The mint and blood orange smell is so intense and fresh. A really great combination.

Thís is a new product I tried. Had been a little curious about it.

It is like a pumice but as a sponge. Don´t know how to describe it better for you guys.
It has the rough surface of a pumice but the shape of a sponge and it gets a little softer when it gets wet.

It´s cool and I like it and it really works great.
And it is a great alternative for a normal pumice.

That´s all to my recent foot care products.

Keep on looking forward for more information on summer products.

Take care, See you.

Trends: Blue nailpolish - the ocean colors

Hi guys 

so sorry for haven´t posting the last couple days but there were so many stupid days - I had no time at all.

Now a quick post for sunday. The new nail polish colors.

I call them ocean blues. The colors are so deep and so vibrant. I always was a fan of blue colors and I am still and more and more obsessed with those colors. They stand for summer.

From the lighter ones to the bright dark blues to the vibrant turquoise blues. So many different shades to take a look at....

Kiko - nail laquer
China glaze - nail polish
essence - nauti girl nail polish 
essence - the gel polish
p2 - volume gloss gel look polish

Sorry for the quick post. More are in progress.....

Take care. See you. Have a nice sunday.