Aug 11, 2015

Mango Shoulder bags Yellow and Turquoise - Summer Sale

Hi guys

today I am showing you two adorable pieces from my summer sale hunt through the stores.

I was at the Mango shop at the mall - not my first stop at all but on this day I went right inside - and I found an item I had been searching for quite a while. A shoulder bag wich I like on me. It has to feel and look good when I am looking at the mirror  -  otherwise I am never gonna use it.

And I found this shoulder bag. It has a separated strap - one half is a chain and the other is the same material the bag is and that is what makes it really special and exciting - and the best is they had even more different colors of it than turquoise and yellow - it was also less than 20 Euros each.

Hope you also found or still hunting for some great bargains at the summer sale......

Take care. See. you. Love K.