Dec 2, 2015

Christmas gift ideas - small presents for great people

Hi guys

here is a small gift guide for the ones which do not have a clue what to give.

Some small ideas which are still possible to get for christmas. Whether you want to give it to a friend a Family member or a collegue..........

Different products and Price ranges -- more ideas are following.....

Maybe you already have your presents and you are searching a little gift for yourself ;) why not - after baking and decorating and deciding what to cook and sending christmas Cards to everybody you may get yourself a treat as well.....

Take care. See you. Love K.
Zazzle customized Cup

A coloring book for grown ups from Johanna Basford

a warm and fashionable Plaid scarf
a nice and trendy weekender

an organizer with a fancy pattern or Surface
Anny mini nailpolish 5 Piece set