Feb 28, 2016

Easter Table Decoration

Hi guy´s

Easter egg hunt is coming closer and you might have planned a short vacation or a visit at your families house. My Easter is going to be definitely very stressful cause in the same week
I have to leave my apartment and move into my new house so there may not be so much Easter festivity for me this year – but that´s fine because after that I am living in the new house.
And I am really looking forward to it and showing you everything.

I ordered all this nice pieces from the Otto online shop.

In my opinion all we need is some color to feel better and much happier after this so long and cold winter. I always liked how pink and orange fit together and I found a tablecloth with little eggs on it which has definitely the same opinion like I am. :)

I got this nice neon orange coffee can. You can never get enough of coffee - or at least I can´t. It holds 1.5 litres so it might be enough for the first round of easter brunch.

The other items I got are a salt and pepper mill in pink. The look very futuristic. I first had to get used to this look. Further I got matching napkins with a orchid print on them. And of course - I always need those for decorating tables to dine - napkin holders. Those have sweet little teapots on them. They remind me a lot of the teapot and teacups of the beauty and the beast. Super cute.

The other thing I purchased is a wooden tray. You could also put the salt and pepper mills on it or anything else you like. It is available in two different sizes. This one is small.

And of course a matiching tablecloth with little colored easter eggs on it. Staying true to the color theme.

But now we are coming to my favorites - the black and white mugs with the different pops of colors and patterns. They look so great and so totally fresh for spring but in fact they do not match with the rest of the decoration I was showing you for easter and spring.

So here we go:

And here are the black and white mugs. They are so awesome. Totally love them.

How do you celebrate Easter?
We always do a family brunch on the Sunday – where everyone comes together.

Take care. See you. Love K.

Feb 26, 2016

Unboxing - H&M Winter Sale and Trying the Home Category

Hi guys,

today´s post is all about sale. It is still cold here (snowing at night) but the stores have to reduce the winter items because spring clothing is waiting.

So I went online at the H&M online store and took a look at their sale items. They still have a lot of the winter stuff and – I know usually so close to spring you shouldn´t buy winter clothing anymore because you may not get time to wear it but there were so many great offers so I had to order some pieces.

Most of them are able to combine with clothes you can wear when it gets warmer so it is a win-win situation.

And it is the first time I ordered from their H&M Home category.

Just a few scented candles in nice glasses.

Only this scent left 

Hot Apricot candle

 I was very interested in a lot of other stuff too – like the towels they have or the super cute pillows but as I am moving in march I didn´t want to get more stuff I have to pack additionally and take it to the new house with me so you gotta wait a little for a review on that.

But let´s start with the clothes:

Ankleboots brown (not for sale but I wanted to try them on )

 Oversized pullover with star pattern (sold out at the moment)

Black vest two in one 

Are you also on sale hunt ? Any recommendations ?

Take care. See you. Love K.

Feb 23, 2016

Shabby Chic - Vintage Decoration Ideas

Hi guys,

today´s blog post is about this gorgeous decoration articles I am owning lately.

As you might know I am loving scented candles – the flowery ones- and decoration pieces for the living room or dining room.

So here are the products which found their way to my home :)

First of all the candles:

The smell is just awesome. I picked out 3 of their scented ones: Lilac, Touch of a rose and my favorite Hibiscus !! Never thought about this little flower but it just smells unbelievable good.

I purchased a white ceramic candle holder and two dark grey matte tea light glasses. The last piece is like a

They are all in this shabby chic design which means the pieces look like they are really old but of course they are new. I am so into that.

Had a post some months ago where I was showing my new coffee table and my wall clock. They are also following this trend.

I know told you I am not buying any more stuff until I moved into the new house but this looked so classy and made me feel like it is almost spring so I couldn´t resist.

Unfortunately I am still packing and I had been sick the whole week so there wasn´t that much I did and I haven´t even worn a lot of outfits. Chloe had been really happy about that because
I stayed at home the whole week and she wasn´t alone the half of the day.

I also wanted to work on some new blog posts, but couldn´t do a lot. But keep looking forward. They are in progress …

What are your weekend plans ?

Take care. See you. Love K.

Feb 20, 2016

Color Themes - Green

Hi guys
today´s blog post is about another color I like a lot – GREEN.
It can be such a fresh and pretty color for summer or so mysterious and dark for winter. Such a versatile color with lots of different shades
So here is a little explanation about the color:
Green is the color of nature and life. It symbolizes self-respect, money, well-being and freedom.
Green is the healing and healthy color.
And if you like Friday – green might be your favorite J (or now it might be all of us)
Here are some of my favorite items in green:
Of course a soft leather bag is always a good deal but in this great and vibrant green it looks super special.
Green fits to a lot of colors you gotta try this out by yourself but I promise you are gonna be surprised.
If your bag is only green –without any pattern- like mine, you can pimp it with a nice and short silk scarf. Looks really rare then.

Another great green  item I like is this body mist from Yves Rocher. It is from their summer edition. 
The smell is so fresh.
It is with apple and anis and it is really long lasting.

A super great candle I got from the H&M Home department. It really smells like a wood of pines. Such a nice scent.

In my opinion this is the best smelling hand lotion I have ever used. I first used it in the bathroom of the soccer business lounge where we usually watch the games and it was mindblowing. I don´t know exactly which ingredient makes the super smell. Might be the whole mixture.
And for about 2 Euros it is really cheap.

The next ones are glasses I use in my living room for myself or for guests. They are from the glass company Leonardo. They have lots of pretty
stuff either it is decoration for your rooms for every season or it is porcelain for your kitchen, living room or dining room.
I think they also have jewelry now.

What do you think about green?
Wich color do you want next ?
Take care. See you. Love K.

Feb 10, 2016

Dressing up for this years first Winter Ball

Hi guys,
yesterday I went to our annual winter ball at our city university.
 I always liked attending at balls first of all because I am a dancer and I love dancing and listening to all of those great live bands. And aren´t there a huge selection at phenomenal ballgowns. I decided to go with this flowy black one also had a green one as backup. First I couldn´t decide which one I should wear but then I took the black one.
It a strapless dress with a heart neckline. and it has sequins on a kind of belt around the waist. I paired it with a short matching silver jacket because it is still cold. Kept the jewelry pretty simple. Silver chandelier earrings and some rings and my usual armcandy – that´s it.
Didn´t have the time for a updo yesterday because I was working so long so I curled my hair and was good to go.
Have you been to a ball this year already ?
Take care. See you. Love K.

Feb 4, 2016

Instagram Round Up and Moving News

Hi guys
I am really sorry for posting so rarely these days – but as you all know I am planning and packing for my move next month. This takes a lot of time though I have a really good system.
I am looking forward for showing you guys my new home and all the decoration ideas I am having for it. Recently I had been fallen for this shabby chick furniture and decoration so a lot of my stuff is going to be white and grey and used looking. I have so many ideas already and I found some great decoration sites on Instagram which give me even more inspiration.
But everything at its time…
So between all the important appointments and all the packing - here is a Instagram Round up for you today about my latest outfits. I am a little behind and I have to shoot some of them I didn’t do at  the day I was wearing them on one day. So this is gonna be a lot of work for me….