May 31, 2016


Hi guys
this skirt has become one of my favorites for this springtime. It is so versatile and so pretty. The color and the lace makes it very feminine.

Hope you all had a great week so far.
Take care. See you. Love K.


May 29, 2016

New Products I have purchased lately...

Hi guys

today I am showing you some of the products I have purchased lately. Haven´t tried all of them yet (and they are not all bathroom products )because I wanted to end up some of the open products I got in my bathroom and there are a lot.

So here we go...

Many of you might know that I am totally in love with this brand - I LOVE
They have Shower Gels, Body Scrubs, Body Lotions, Body Butters and Lip Balms.
I purchased the Mango and Papaya one cause I had a gift box with lot of their products for my mom for mothers day and I totally loved the smell of this one - this is how summer smells for me - so I went for it.
It is the big bottle with 500 ml so this is gonna take a while ;)

I don´t have to say that much about the next product.
It is an ESSIE Nailpolish. The color is Thigh High - it is a kind of burgundy, dark pink color with tiny glitter particles in it. I like the color a lot. First I thought it would be a more dark red color which I wanted to get first and I had been a little disapointed as I saw it in daylight but it is perfect on my nails. So everything is fine now.

The next products are from a brand I have found out about lately.

It is called SOI - haven´t heard of it before. All products from their brand have a bright purple packaging and they do have a lot. You can buy almost everything for your own beauty section from their brand.
I purchased a body butter and a face mask.

I got this sunglasses from New Yorker. I decided to go for those cheap ones (they are only 8 Euros) because I wanted a pair of the cateye shape. I tried a lot of them but I couldn´t find the right pair. And this one does not have the cateye shape this much so I am gonna go with those for the summer time I think.
What do you think about them ? I am not quite sure yet !!


And last but of course not least - a crossbody bag from GUESS. It is the ----------- bag and I got this for my vacation I am planning for summer (stay tuned - not gonna tell you now ;) ). I wanted a small bag for throughout the day or the evenings. As it is gonna be hot this small and lightweighing bag is gonna be a relief.
Actually I am pretty surprised because you can put a lot of stuff in it. It also has a short strap so you could wear it like a clutch but I do not like how it looks this way.
The color is a real bright white. The lining has the typical guess logo all over. And it super soft inside and outside. I really do love it (wanted to wear it the first time on my vacation but I couldn´t resist this cutie).

Hope you liked to read about some knew products I am trying currently.

Maybe I am gonna do a review about some of my empties. What do you think ?
Wishing you a great sunday.

Take care. See you. Love K.

May 20, 2016

Instagram Round Up

Hi guys
today I got some of my daily outfits and other pics from my Instagram account

A sporty outfit is a never a bad choice for a casual day.
Nike Polo Shirt and H&M denim Shorts. Nike Sneakers and my Calvin Klein shopper.

This had been such a nice and flattering summer Dress. After this day it started raining and the summer had gone for a while.
H&M summer Dress and Tommy Hilfiger wedges.
LYDC bag. 

Summer outfit for rainy days.
Embroidered shirt from Mango. Jeans H&M.
Belt and shoes old.

As I said it got pretty cold this week.
Knitted long Cardigan New Yorker.
Shopper Michael Kors.

Pretty colored Handbag under palmtrees
Shopper Michael Kors

Details: LYDC Bag and Tommy Hilfiger Wedges.

This is gonna be my perfect summer fragrance for taking a shower.
Mango and Papaya.
Nothing smells more like summer.
Hope you are all having a great friday so far.
Take care. See you. Love K.

May 13, 2016

Gossip Girl and totally into headbands lately....

Hi guys

as I haven´t unpacked everything yet - and yes I am as tired of writting the same sentence again and again as you probably might be to read about it (but it is the current situation - can´t help it) - I haven´t found all of my movies or series but there is one I actually haven´t watched quite in a while - 

Gossip Girl -

always loved this one a lot cause of the different characters, the stuff which was going on (and let me tell it is always a lot and you shouldn´t miss one episode to make sure you are keeping up with it) and of course and in first place the styles and outfits of Blair, Serena, Lilly and Co.
As you all might know - and I am quite sure about that - at the beginning Blair is wearing a lot of Headbands and so I got back into wearing them to.
Because I think they are very cute and super versatile. You can create a lot of different Hairstyles as there are so many different types of Headbands. So here are some I have tried and worn lately ....

Here are some of my personal collection....


Here are some headband which are currently available at stores....

Golden Headband

Knitted Jersey headband

Braided Headband (available in lots of Colors)


Flower headbands (great for upcoming Festival season)

Take a look at the H&M online shop. They have a lot of different headbands.

Do you have plans for the Weekend ?

Take care. See you. Love K.

May 12, 2016

Blog Make Over

Hi guys,

I decided to give my blog a little different look. At the beginning I had this pink striped background and almost everything in pink but now my style got a little different and I wanted to get a more grown up blog layout (at least I think it looks like this right now). Of course that doesn´t mean that I don´t like the girly stuff anymore - of course I do but it should be a little more down to earth.

I wanted to have the background white and just a few color highlights and shades. I do think it looks better now. What do you think ?

Have a nice day. 
Take care. See you. Love K. 

May 6, 2016

Bath Storage and my new bathroom

Hi guys

today I am showing you some great products to get organized in your bathroon and they also look very chic.

There are many different styles and types but I decided to go with those clear acrylic ones.

First of all I am showing you where I am storing my Make-Up products. I decided to go with this little containers because I already had matching bathroom cabinets so I did´nt want to get new drawers.  They have 3 Schubladen and little shiny silver knobs. I like them a lot and it fits a lot of stuff into them.  They quality is great - it is a thick and stabiles material.
They are available in 17 colors !! Ordered them from amazon.

The next thing I have to help me get organized is this lipstick case. It holds eight lipsticks - it doesn´t matter which shape they have - of any brand.
Had to get a few more than one because I have way more than eight lipsticks but that is okay for me.

Bought this type at the local drugstore. Here is a similar one from amazon.

Here are a few other organizing ideas I have used in my appartment earlier ....

I also purchased those bright petrol bathroom carptes. They match perfectly with the tiles. And I always like a good match ;)

This all took so long to pick out and decide which one to take and which one to leave. (Cause you can´t get everything or at least not at once)

Decorating and furnishing is a slow process (maybe not only for me) but in my opinion it is better to finish room by room otherwise you are gonna get crazy.

Think of a concept first. Choose the style and the colors you would like upfront and pick up some pieces you like to try out how they look. There is not so much difference in buying decoration stuff or clothing. Trust me.

Maybe I could have been quicker to get everything done but I rather spend time with my boyfriend than working in the house all by myself. (I think that´s totally understandable)

Although it takes a lot of time but when you are constant and patient you are gonna have a great place to live and of course the most important part - a place that feels home to you.

The next room I am going to finsh might be the living room.

Keep looking forward for more house updates and decoration ideas.

Take care. See you. Love K.