May 29, 2016

New Products I have purchased lately...

Hi guys

today I am showing you some of the products I have purchased lately. Haven´t tried all of them yet (and they are not all bathroom products )because I wanted to end up some of the open products I got in my bathroom and there are a lot.

So here we go...

Many of you might know that I am totally in love with this brand - I LOVE
They have Shower Gels, Body Scrubs, Body Lotions, Body Butters and Lip Balms.
I purchased the Mango and Papaya one cause I had a gift box with lot of their products for my mom for mothers day and I totally loved the smell of this one - this is how summer smells for me - so I went for it.
It is the big bottle with 500 ml so this is gonna take a while ;)

I don´t have to say that much about the next product.
It is an ESSIE Nailpolish. The color is Thigh High - it is a kind of burgundy, dark pink color with tiny glitter particles in it. I like the color a lot. First I thought it would be a more dark red color which I wanted to get first and I had been a little disapointed as I saw it in daylight but it is perfect on my nails. So everything is fine now.

The next products are from a brand I have found out about lately.

It is called SOI - haven´t heard of it before. All products from their brand have a bright purple packaging and they do have a lot. You can buy almost everything for your own beauty section from their brand.
I purchased a body butter and a face mask.

I got this sunglasses from New Yorker. I decided to go for those cheap ones (they are only 8 Euros) because I wanted a pair of the cateye shape. I tried a lot of them but I couldn´t find the right pair. And this one does not have the cateye shape this much so I am gonna go with those for the summer time I think.
What do you think about them ? I am not quite sure yet !!


And last but of course not least - a crossbody bag from GUESS. It is the ----------- bag and I got this for my vacation I am planning for summer (stay tuned - not gonna tell you now ;) ). I wanted a small bag for throughout the day or the evenings. As it is gonna be hot this small and lightweighing bag is gonna be a relief.
Actually I am pretty surprised because you can put a lot of stuff in it. It also has a short strap so you could wear it like a clutch but I do not like how it looks this way.
The color is a real bright white. The lining has the typical guess logo all over. And it super soft inside and outside. I really do love it (wanted to wear it the first time on my vacation but I couldn´t resist this cutie).

Hope you liked to read about some knew products I am trying currently.

Maybe I am gonna do a review about some of my empties. What do you think ?
Wishing you a great sunday.

Take care. See you. Love K.

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