Jun 28, 2016

Nude Accesssoires....

Hi guys

the best thing about summer is that we can use all of our light accessoires. The colors are brighter and should pop out so there is nothing better than a nude handbag, hat or even sunnies to set the focus on the color. But that doesn´t mean that it wouldn´t be worth it to take a look at them...

And the best is nude accessoires almost fit to every piece of my - and probably also to your - summer wardrobe. So these ones are really great for your budget because they are so versatile in using them and there are sooo many combination ideas - you won´t need as many pieces.

Hope you all had a nice weekend (I had two BBQ´s and a birthday party to attend and yesterday was antoher soccer game I had to watch - Germany vs. Slowakia and we won - so I probably need a weekend to rest from this weekend ;) )and you are having a great start into this week.

Take care. See you. Love K.

Jun 26, 2016

Review - Book of the month...

Hi guys

today I want to show you somethig I found by coincidence on Instagram and it turned out to be absolutely great.

Book of the Month

A website / online book delivery service.

When you decide to join their club you can choose which different kinds of books you usually read or you would like to read like:

Science - Fiction
and so on...

after that you can decide how long you want to get books they choose for you. You can pick one month, three or 12 and of course how many books you read per month and how many you would like to get each.

There are lots of photos and reviews on Instagram where you can have a closer look at.

This is the first book I got and it is in the June selection (have a look here). It is a novel and it is called Moden Lovers - from Emma Straub.

Haven´t read it yet - I thought I am gonna take it to my summer vacation but that is at the end of August and I don´t think I can leave it unread this long.......

It is an awesome page and a great idea and I have always been searching for something like this...

And if you like reading it is a nice alternation - instead of picking any books you get them recommended.

Take a look and try it out. Have fun reading.

Take care. See you. Love K.

Jun 24, 2016

Instagram lately...

Hi guys and happy friday,

there is much going on these days - I am hosting a BBQ today. We are almost everyday out and watching the soccer games. There are a lot of themes I would like to post about and I am taking pics and collecting content every time I have some time left. So there will be interesting posts coming up soon....

Meanwhile I got this Instagram Round Up for you .........

Bag - L. Credi
Hat - Croatian Market
Book - Amazon

This bag is from L.Credi and I was thinking about this one a long time because the color is really bright but it is a real summer fashion piece and at the end I couldn´t resist at all....
Have you seen the Great Gatsby as a movie ( me about 10 times) ? Now I am reading the book and it is even more interesting :)

Pullover - old
Top - H&M
Jeans - H&M
Bag - Mango
Leather Jacket - Mango

Had worn this at the beginning this week and when I am looking at it now I almost can´t believe it !!! It has gotten really hot so quickly.

Peplum top and pants - H&M
Shoes - old
Shades - New Yorker

Had worn this out on a date night. We went to a nice english restaurant and had some fish and chips and cider.

Shirt - Adidas
Pants - Mango
Wedges - Tommy Hilfiger
Bag - Mango

My cheering outfit for the german soccer team at the european championship. There are just a few colors you can go with because as the colors are black, red and gold it won´t fit a lot of stuff, so I went with a pair of red jeans and black wedges. Pretty cool though.


Jacket - old
Dress - H&M 
Wedges - Tommy Hilfiger

Very maritime. The weather inspired me to go striped in white & blue paired with some red lipstick and golden jewelry.

Dress - from my Mom (probably Italian market)
Shoes - very old
Bag - Guess
Shades - H&M

Such a Florida weather these days. The humidity was so high the whole day - then it was raining cats and dogs for about 20 minutes and after that it got super hot. Caused such a home sicknesses to me :(

Top and Skirt - H&M
Belt - Mango
Shoes - Schuhtempel 24

I always love a great flattering batik skirt and the colors of this one are just gorgeous. The purple and turquoise work so well toghether. 

Hope you all have great plans for the super hot weekend. 

Take care. See you. Love K.

Jun 22, 2016


Hi guys

Happy Tuesday.

Today on the blog a little summer outfit inspiration.

My always go to for summer is a lightweighty and flowing flower dress. Also a staple for summer is a bast bag in white or blue. 

Have a look. All pieces are H&M and still available.

Take care. See you. Love K.

Jun 17, 2016

Round Up - What I have worn lately....

Hi guys

today is time for another round up of my daily Instagram outfits...

Have a closer look :)

Had worn this in a very casual day. Almost eating and watching the European Championship all day.

Pants - Only
Shirt and belt - H&M
Docksiders - Sperry

That is my absolute summer purchase for this year.
The yellow is so bright and awesome - it almost feels like having the sun with you.

Bag - L.Credi

Work wear. A blazer and jeans are always a good idea for a casual work look.

Blazer - H&M
Shirt - old
Pants - Gina Tricot
Belt - Louis Vuitton
Shoes - Tamaris

I ordered this bag at Zalando because I wanted a small and matching bag (the shoes are also brown with a snake pattern) and I loved it from the beginning I unpacked it. It really fits a lot in there. Everything you would need without any problems.
The chain strap is also really cool - but without wearing any sleeves a little cold ;)

Shoulder Bag - Mango

Last week we had about two days of summer and those where the only two I got to wear a dress - unfortunately.
I do like this dress a lot. I bought it at a market at Lake Garda in Italy.
It is super comfortable and lightweighing. 
Paired it with this nice yellow cardigan. Could have also used a blue or purple one but I was in a yellow mood that day.

Cardigan - H&M
Sandals - Tommy Hilfiger

Second day of summer made me go back to the 70ies. At least with the colors and the patterns of my dress.

Dress - Esprit Collection
Sandals - Tamaris
Cardigan - Very old
Bag - Mango

And again it was a rainy day at work. So boring to watch the rain fall while doing boring stuff at work.

Jacket - Only
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Tamaris
Shirt - very old 

Hope you liked my last outfits.
Keep looking forward for more outfits. Hopefully summer is coming back soon.

Take care. See you. Love K.

Empties - Products I have used up and what I think about......

Hi guys

since I moved and had to pack everything and of course unpack it all I have found out that lots of my bathroom stuff (shower gels, body lotions and so on...) is almost empty. That´s the reason for this post and maybe furthers I am gonna write about this. 
I decided to use all the half empty products before I am gonna open up new ones or buy new ones (that is really hard for me because summer products smell so great).

So here are some of the products I uses up lately and my recommendation:

Coconut Oil

I started with this because it is my alltime favorite for super soft skin. I started using this product about 3 years ago and I totally love it.
You can use it for your skin or also for you hair if it has become very dry at the ends.
The smell is incredible. It is only light not like a parfume or a body mist but that is enough to go for.
Would buy and use this again and again...
I got mine from a local drugstore. The brand is called Alnatura but there are many other brands which will work as well....

Neutrogena No Oil Face Lotion

This face lotion is the best I have ever used. Believe me guys. Oil free means oil free for this product. Another great thing about it - it is the perfect base under you make-up. In my opinion it stays longer and of course a lot longer matte.

The face cleanser is also a great product. It leaves a fresh and clean feeling on your skin. It isn´t sticky at all or has a strange smell.

Yves Rocher Neroli Shower Gel

This ones from Yves Rocher and I totally love their Secret d´essences series. They got lots of different perfumed shower gels (with matching body lotions) in flowery secents. There is nothing I like more than a flowery scent.

Herbal Essences Shampoo

Throughout the years I tried different types and brands of shampoos. Not because I wasn´t satisfied with the ones I was using but also because of other people meanings and new brands or stuff which came out. This is one of the two I purchased from Herbal Essences (the second itsn´t empty yet). Always liked this brand a lot so I thought I am gonna give them a try...
The smell is really good and it lasts a long time. I also have the matching conditioner but I don´t feel like it is doing a lot for my hair...


Signal White Now Tooth Paste

I tried this one out because after all the commercials with the whitening tooth pastes I wanted to try it on my own if they work.
I don´t like the taste at all. It is so minty it almost hurts.

Avon Naturals Body mist

Purchased a ton of them last year. The scent is totally awesome. Peonies do really smell great.
The also have a matching shower gel and body lotion.

This one is no longer available but there are lots of new fragrances for this year.

This is my most favorite deodorant.
There is nothing more to say about that.
It lasts really long time and it doesn´t make any marks on your clothes...

Those had been all of my empties - YET.
There are still lots of products to finish.

Stay tuned.

Take care. See you. Love K.

Jun 15, 2016


Hi guys and happy wednesday,

today I got some everyday Inspiraton for you. There are a few pieces you can never ever go wrong with.

Some casual everyday pieces:

A black bell sleeved tunic shirt

Destroyed skinny jeans

A straw hat 


and a big shopper for everday stuff

(everything H&M)

Hope you all going to have a nice day.

Take care. See you. Love K.

Jun 10, 2016


Hi guys

there is no better color for me than red. I always liked this one and I am always gonna will. 

It works with almost every other color and pops of red in an outfit do make it special.

Of course it is no surprise for you that I am insisting on having at least two pairs of red shoes in my closet.

So here are some of my latest order - guess which ones I kept :)

 Sandals against Pointed Heels with straps

Buffalo Sandals in a darker red tone 

Anna Field



Pier One

I am wishing you all a happy friday and I had been so looking forward to this weekend....

The European Championship start today in Paris. I hope is is gonna be a safe time for everybody.
Germany is playing their first game on Sunday evening - 
and tomorrow I am attending a wedding with my honey of his cousin.

Take care. See you. Love K.