Jan 1, 2016

My Current Skin Care Routine

Hi guys
today´s post is about my current skin care Routine.
How I clean my face and which products I am using..

I am taking my face brush from Sonic Clean (shop here) with a small drop of Garnier Skin naturals face wash to clean my face from tallow and danders.

Then I use a Cotton pad and my facial cleanser

After that I am using a face gel from Avon for my whole face for the day (as my Makeup base) and a Lotion from AOK for the night

and an eye roll on for under the eye area with a gel inside

after that I use my makeup or a BB cream for the day or nothing for the night.
Once a week I do a facial peeling or a face mask for smoother Skin

I still do not have such great Skin or super fine pores - maybe that´s because I am not living that healthy - but I am still working on this.

Which are your favorite products?

Take care. See you. Love K.