Jan 24, 2016

Office gadgets - makes working much prettier

Hi guys

today´s post is for all the bloggers or desk workers out there. It is about the little things we use daily and how to make working a lot nicer by beautifiying your tools.

The first thing I wanted for this year was a personalized calender for 2016. I got mine from persoenlicherkalender.de. You can chose everything there - fonts, colors, sizes, pictures, headings and so on and so on.......

This is how their website  looks. They also have notebooks and big calendars.

The other thing I currently found and I am loving are pencils with Swarowski crystals. They are super glittery and so nice to watch.

Another thing I needed is this super cute owl and sausage post it pack.

And of course a Laptop case - mine is made of this cool Neopren materail like the bathing suits are made of

Which are your favorite  Office Gadgets - mine are always colorful and with lots of Patterns - I like them a lot
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.
Take care. See you. Love K.