Feb 4, 2016

Instagram Round Up and Moving News

Hi guys
I am really sorry for posting so rarely these days – but as you all know I am planning and packing for my move next month. This takes a lot of time though I have a really good system.
I am looking forward for showing you guys my new home and all the decoration ideas I am having for it. Recently I had been fallen for this shabby chick furniture and decoration so a lot of my stuff is going to be white and grey and used looking. I have so many ideas already and I found some great decoration sites on Instagram which give me even more inspiration.
But everything at its time…
So between all the important appointments and all the packing - here is a Instagram Round up for you today about my latest outfits. I am a little behind and I have to shoot some of them I didn’t do at  the day I was wearing them on one day. So this is gonna be a lot of work for me….