Feb 23, 2016

Shabby Chic - Vintage Decoration Ideas

Hi guys,

today´s blog post is about this gorgeous decoration articles I am owning lately.

As you might know I am loving scented candles – the flowery ones- and decoration pieces for the living room or dining room.

So here are the products which found their way to my home :)

First of all the candles:

The smell is just awesome. I picked out 3 of their scented ones: Lilac, Touch of a rose and my favorite Hibiscus !! Never thought about this little flower but it just smells unbelievable good.

I purchased a white ceramic candle holder and two dark grey matte tea light glasses. The last piece is like a

They are all in this shabby chic design which means the pieces look like they are really old but of course they are new. I am so into that.

Had a post some months ago where I was showing my new coffee table and my wall clock. They are also following this trend.

I know told you I am not buying any more stuff until I moved into the new house but this looked so classy and made me feel like it is almost spring so I couldn´t resist.

Unfortunately I am still packing and I had been sick the whole week so there wasn´t that much I did and I haven´t even worn a lot of outfits. Chloe had been really happy about that because
I stayed at home the whole week and she wasn´t alone the half of the day.

I also wanted to work on some new blog posts, but couldn´t do a lot. But keep looking forward. They are in progress …

What are your weekend plans ?

Take care. See you. Love K.