May 13, 2016

Gossip Girl and totally into headbands lately....

Hi guys

as I haven´t unpacked everything yet - and yes I am as tired of writting the same sentence again and again as you probably might be to read about it (but it is the current situation - can´t help it) - I haven´t found all of my movies or series but there is one I actually haven´t watched quite in a while - 

Gossip Girl -

always loved this one a lot cause of the different characters, the stuff which was going on (and let me tell it is always a lot and you shouldn´t miss one episode to make sure you are keeping up with it) and of course and in first place the styles and outfits of Blair, Serena, Lilly and Co.
As you all might know - and I am quite sure about that - at the beginning Blair is wearing a lot of Headbands and so I got back into wearing them to.
Because I think they are very cute and super versatile. You can create a lot of different Hairstyles as there are so many different types of Headbands. So here are some I have tried and worn lately ....

Here are some of my personal collection....


Here are some headband which are currently available at stores....

Golden Headband

Knitted Jersey headband

Braided Headband (available in lots of Colors)


Flower headbands (great for upcoming Festival season)

Take a look at the H&M online shop. They have a lot of different headbands.

Do you have plans for the Weekend ?

Take care. See you. Love K.