Jul 12, 2016

Instagram lately.....

Hi guys

it has been the final week of the european championship and I must say I am really glad now. We were invited to sooo many BBQ or soccer parties that there it a lot to do lately.

I haven´t taken all the pictures I wanted and posted as much than usual. And I don´t want to mention how the inside of the house looks..........

I am planing on doing another house post to show you the next finished room but that is just not possible at the moment.

What would you prefer to see ? The bedroom or the living room ?

But first of all - here are some of the outfits I have worn the last week:

 Dress - H&M
Belt - H&M
Shoes - Buffallo

I had worn this dress on a BBQ last week - of course for watching the soccer game - and it fitted pretty well on me and for the occassion.

Shirt - New Yorker
Blazer - H&M
Pants - H&M
Wedges - Tommy Hilfiger
Bag - Longchamp

A pretty busy day was this one - running lots of errands, almost a little too many - so I thought I ´d rather go with a pair of comfy jeans and a t-shirt than anything to fancy.

      Peplum shirt - H&M
Chinos - H&M 
Shoes - very old 
 Bag - Longchamp

Working on summer days is always pretty hard because I would rather lay at the lake or in the patio with a cool drink.

Wallet - LYDC

Found this one lately while online shopping and isn´t is absolute pretty with the litte 3D flowers on it. The color is a light pink and it is currently on sale for only 13 Euro.

Top - old
Skirt - Orsay
Shoes - Deichmann
Bag - Longchamp

This is one of my favorite skirts I own. The color is so versatile it almost goes with every other color.  I paired it with a pink top this time but you could also use a turquoise one or a green one or a red one.....

 Top - New Yorker
Skirt - Clockhouse
Shoes - Ipanema
Bag - Longchamp

 This one had been a casual outfit for a super hot day. I paired it with a white knitted cardigan because I had a cold the last couple days. 

 Cover Up - H&M
Shoes - Pretty old
Hat - H&M

This had been my go to outfit for spendig the afternoon at the lake. The dress or the cover up or however you want to name it is from H&M. They have the same one every year but with different patterns and in different colors. And the best is - it is always only 10 Euros.

 Dress - old one (got it from my mom)
Cardigan - Madonna
Shoes - Reno
Bag - Longchamp

This was a pretty nice outfit - it really would work for a date night too. The shoes have little rhinestones in the front and the heel isn´t too high - so there won´t be any accidents ;)

Hope you all had a nice week

Take care. See you. Love K.