Jul 24, 2016

Seventies colors.....

Hi guys

and happy Sunday. The weather is rainy and cold - AGAIN (this is so annoying - I cant´t believe it) so I switched to pants and a jacket and a light summer scarf.

It is no secret that the seventies could have been my decade. I love the colors and all the patterns and the materials.

So here is an outfit inspired by orange - tan - and paisley :)

Top - H&M
Jacket - old
Jeans - H&M 
Flats - Buffallo Boots
Bag - Tommy Hilfiger
Scarf - Amisu (New Yorker)

Wishing you all a nice and productive week. We have a couple free days next week and spending two days in a super nice and old city. Stay tuned for updates.

Take care. See you. Love K.