Aug 8, 2016

Ruby Red....

Hi guys

todays inspiration bord is all about red. I think it´s the most versatile color and it can create so many different looks.
Red is a color that says - bam here I am. It sets a signal. It is vibrant, exciting and stunning as there are so many diffferent shades of red. A red accessory to a simple outfit sets a statement. There must be a reason that Dorothy has worn red shoes.....
It mustn´t be always black and white - wear a little red dress for example!

Which one is your color to go ?

Take care. See you. Love K. 

Dress - Swing
Skirt - Mint Berry
Pants - Kiomi
Shirt - Mint Berry
Shoulder Bag - Trussardi Jeans
Earrings - Sweet Deluxe
Michael Kors - Wallet
Ralph Lauren - Scarf