Sep 14, 2016

They call me Yellow Mellow...

Hi guys

since summer came back to us in its fullest (still up to 30 degrees during the day - and I am sooo craving for fall pieces) I thought it would be okay to post one more evening outfit I wore at Lake Garda. This yellow dress pops out so great on my brown skin ( I am all over white again now) so this had been my only chance this year to wear such a bright color.

I loved the ruffle details as well as the one shoulder strap. Paired the dress with wedges and a fine belt arround the waist.

 Dress - Amisu (New Yorker)
Belt - Amisu (New Yorker)
Shoes - Nine West
Bag - Guess
Headband - H&M

Wishing everybody a nice Wednesday.

We are heading out for Dinner today to a great Suhsi place. I am so so looking forward to this and I am also so hungry.

Take care. See you. Love K.