Sep 26, 2016

Black is beautiful...

Hi guys
as a new season has started I have been thinking a lot about colors lately and there is one which comes to my mind in every season:
Black !!! 
Black is such a present color - it has always been and I think it always will. Black is easy and effortless but it can also be mysterious and sexy. It is our go to color for LBD´s and jackets. It can be paired easily with every other color or you can wear it pure and it works.
For example the latest commercial for the Marc Jacobs - Decadent perfume. Wasn´t Adriana Lima just wearing all black in a really dark room with almost no lighting, also wearing a dark Makeup ?! And it works. It was a great spot and we all got tied up in front of the TV. The color makes it !!
And  of course you can never go wrong with black - it is a great color for every ocassion so here are some of the latest pieces I have found and I like...

 Romper - Dorothy Perkins
  Off shoulder shirt - River Island
Jacket - Morgan
 T-Shirt - Anna Field
Pencil Skirt - Benetton
Handbag - Buffalo
 Purse - Guess
Scarf - Even and Odd
Floppy Hat - Even and Odd
High Heels - Zign
Boots - Gaudi Diva
What are your staples for fall ?
Take care. See you. Love K.