Jan 31, 2017

Monthly favorites January....

Hi dolls,
today is the last day of the first month this year and I have to admit I got some stuff done I wanted do to for a long time so I am pretty proud of myself, I also had my birthday celebrations as I turned older in the middle of the month and we already booked one vacation for this year. And of course there are some products which turned out to be my favorites this January:
Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Set
I got this as a present from Florians mom for hosting the Christmas dinner and I haven´t had a chance to try it out since then and I have to admit - this is awesome. The main indgridients are rice milk and cherry blossoms.

EOS Hand Lotion
Normally I am using a Neutrogena hand lotion in Winter but for about two weeks our local drug store carries this brand and I had to had this lotion. It is fresh flowers and the smell is so good. It is so intensive and I just love every scent which comes with it.

Armani Jeans Hand bag
Got this as a pre-birthday present from Florian and I just love it. The color, the size, the shape - everything about it is perfect.

Black marble calendar
I found this one by coincidence while I was looking at some pics on Instagram and this one has catched my eye so I went on their page and ordered one. That´s the whole magic. It is pretty nice with lots of space to write in. The Website is called planyourlife.de

Real Techniques Brush Set
I had my eye on this for a long time and I finally got it for my birthday (and also got a voucher for my birthday for my favorite beauty store - Douglas). I love the design it is a classic black and white design with a modern twist. The hairs are so soft and great for appealing make-up
This is the Berlin trend Edition.

Flower necklace
I got this super cute necklace from the H&M Winter sale. This would make a great piece for Spring. And after Christmas I am so in love with everything pink now. And this was a steal for only 5 Euros. 

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Take care. See you. 

Jan 30, 2017

Outfit: Military pullover / golden jewelry / pencil skirt / Carpisa crossbody bag....

The pullover isn´t as thick as my usual Winter pullover so it can easily be transitioned into spring. I paired it with a black pencil skirt and a black pair of tights with a houndstooth pattern. I also like gold jewelry for anything olive colored. I just matches very well.

Pullover ON SALE / Skirt similar / Booties similar / Bag similar here and here / Necklace similar


Hi dolls,

as the holidays are over and there are plenty of Spring clothing pieces awaiting to get in stores there are incredible good bargains out there. I found this olive pullover at my local H&M store in this dark green shade and I like it so much I also purchased it in navy blue. Each only cost 5 Euros so this is a real steal.

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Take care. See you. 

Jan 29, 2017

Outfit: Knitted Creme Dress / Pointed Heels / Golden Statementnecklace / Snakeprint Crossbody

 Dress / Necklace / Bracelet / Bag / Heels / Headband


Hi lovelys,

it has been quite a while since I wore this dress but I decided that I want to share this outfit with you which can dressed up or down so easily. First of all this dress is so comfortable. It has a midi length and a little oversize shape. Now you got it what makes it comfy. And the cool thing is the rip on the side - it is pretty high that makes it so interesting.

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Jan 28, 2017

How To avoid dry skin during the winter....


Hi guys,

since the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping we are heading straight into winter. And for those couple months our skin needs some extra care. Our skin is working really hard to stay hydrated but with the cold and dry air outside and the warm and dry air inside most of us need a little support. 

I am using a body scrub once a week or this exfoliating glove with a shower gel.

Here are some of my favorites I had already tried the last weeks and I won´t stop using them until Sommer is here again.

For me the best I could found it the Neutrogena series. I have been using their hand Lotion for years now and I recently found out that they have a foot lotion and of course a body lotion.

I am already convinced from their hand lotions so lets go on with the other products - the deep moisture all in body lotion is incredible good. The smell is really light and so fresh and it gets really quickly into your skin so if you apply it in the morning after showering you are able to dress up fast and you won´t get stuck in your pants and it also doesn´t leave that sticky feeling on your skin like other oily lotions.

The foot lotion is really great too.
I do have very dry feet in the winter months. I think this comes from wearing socks and tights all the time and also your feet - or just mine aren´t able to breath that much in boots like in sandals so they just dry out. I do not like the smell of the foot lotion but I am keeping it and still using it because it really helps a lot.

Seit die Tage kürzer und werden und die Temperaturen fallen wissen wir definitiv das es Winter ist und genau für diese paar Monate brauchen wir spezielle Pflege für unsere Haut. Diese hat schwer zu schaffen um unsere Haut mit Feuchtigkeit zu versorgen mit vor allem mit der kalten Luft draußen und der warmen trockenen Luft innen. Dabei muss etwas nachgeholfen werden.

Einmal pro Woche mache ich ein Bodypeeling mit einem dieser Loofahandschuhe und einem Duschgel. Danach kann die Haut die Lotion besonders gut aufnehmen. Die beste Lotion für den Winter ist für mich die Bodylotion aus der Neutrogena Serie. Ich benutze die Handlotion schon seit Jahren und vor ein paar Monaten habe ich herausgefunden, dass es ebenfalls eine Fußcreme gibt. Und natürlich die Bodylotion.

Da ich ja bereits sehr überzeugt bin von der Handcreme (die einzige die Florian benutzt) rede  ich mal über die anderen zwei Produkte.
Die Bodylotion kommt in einem Pumpspender was ich sehr praktisch finde und ist einfach super. Sie zieht sehr schnell ein - oder meine Haut ist einfach wahnsinnig trocken - außerdem hat sie einen angenehmen dezenten Geruch und was für mich am wichtigsten ist - sie klebt nicht.

Die Fußcreme ist auch super gut. Ich habe furchtbar trockene Füße in den Wintermonaten. Ich denke das kommt von den Socken und Strumpfhosen die man den ganzen Winter über an hat. Wahrscheinlich bekommen sie in den Stiefeln einfach nicht so viel Luft wie in Sandalen und trocknen deswegen schneller aus. Der einzige Kritikpunkt ist das ich den Geruch sehr gewöhnungsbedürftig finde, da ich sie aber vor dem Schlafengehen benutze und ich den Geruch da nicht so mitbekomme habe ich sie trotzdem behalten, da meine Füße davon einfach wieder weich werden.

Do you have any skincare favorites for the cold Winter months. I really would like to know.
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Jan 27, 2017

Outfit: Knitted beige pullover / tiger printed skirt / Gabor booties / Armani Jeans shopper ....

 Pullover / Skirt similar here and here and here / Sunnies / Booties similar / Shopper / Necklace similar / Earrings similar


Hi guys,
first of all I know I have been wearing this bag over and over again and I am very sorry but is is just such a beautiful bag and it was such a great present for my birthday.
So lets get to the outfit.  I am still wearing warm and thick knitwear on a daily base because it is just so cold every day. We are under minus ten every night and also during the day so this requires some big and cozy pullover. This one had been on sale for 9 Euros at H&M and I love it. It does not contain so much wool that I have to scratch the whole time but just as much to stay warm.
The skirt is pretty old (I linked some similar ones for you) but in fact I have never worn it. I did not want to go all black so I just had to wait some years for this pullover with the right color. Sounds crazy I know - I already thought that too.
And sorry for the hair. I liked it when we left the house but at the point we arrived at the location I hated it. #bloggerprobs

Zu allererst, ich weiß das ich die gleiche Tasche über und über in meinen Bildern trage aber sie passt einfach so gut und sie gefällt mir auch so gut und es war so ein tolles Geschenk zu meinem Geburtstag.
Aber nun zum Outfit. Ich trage immer noch dicke, warme gestrickte Pullover jeden Tag weil es einfach so kalt ist. Wir haben unter minus zehn in der Nacht und am Tag auch nicht wirklich mehr Grad, dass verlangt einfach nach warmen Pullis. 
Ich hab diesen vom Schlussverkauf von H&M für unglaubiche 9 Euro ergattert. Er hat nur einen geringen Anteil an Wolle, sodass ich nicht die ganze Zeit kratzen muss, aber genügend um nicht zu frieren.
Der Rock ist wirklich alt (ich verlinke euch ein paar ähnliche unten die ich gefunden habe) aber ich hab ihn noch nie getragen. Ich wollte ihn nie mit schwarz kombinieren, da das so dunkel ist also musste ich buchstäblich ein paar Jahre auf diesen Pullover warten - der auch noch den perfekten Farbton hat - um den Rock tragen zu können. Hört sich ein bisschen verrückt an - ich hab es auch gemerkt - ist aber so.
Zuguterletzt noch: Tut mir Leid für die komischen Haare. Ich mochte die Frisur als wir losgefahren sind um Photos zu machen, aber als wir dann da waren hat es alles verschoben und es war einfach nur noch blöd. #bloggerprobs  

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