Mar 31, 2017

Monthly favorites March....

Hi dolls,
another month is over and we had done a lot. We started to recreate a new room at home, attended to at least 3 birthdays, went to London and tried to spend as much time together as possible. Now that we are heading clearly into Spring there are some super cute new products out there I got and been trying out lately.

Ein weiterer Monat ist um und wow haben wir diemal viel gemacht. Wir haben angefangen ein paar Räume umzuräumen - warscheinlich dem Frühlingswetter geschuldet, Aufräumzwang! - waren auf mindestens drei Geburtstagsfeiern, sind nach London geflogen und haben versucht soviel Zeit wie möglich zusammen zu verbringen. Jetzt wo wir unaufhaltsam in Richtung Frühling gehen, gibt es auf einmal so viele schöne farbenfrohe Produkte. 

#1 Valentino Garden - Crossbody Flap Bag here and here
How beautiful is this bag. It is like a painting. The front is white and croppend with the brands initials, the sides of the bag and the strap are pink, when you turn it around there are lots of rose and purple lillies and orchids and when you open it up there is a painting of a flower meadow. This is the most delicate and beautiful bag I have ever seen (I know I am saying this a lot but this time it is the absolute truth).
Wie wunderschön ist diese Tasche ? Sie ist wie ein Gemälde. Die Vorderseite ist weiß mit dem Logo und gestepptem Material, die Rückseite ist mit Rosen und Lilien bemalt. Die Seiten und der Henkel sind in einem kräftigem Pink gehalten. Innen in der Tasche ist nochmals ein Bild mit einer Blumenwiese (wie ein Aquarel gehalten). Das ist eine der schönsten und detailreichsten Taschen die mir jemals unter gekommen ist (das mag ich vielleicht bei jeder sagen, aber diesmal stimmt es wirklich).

How cute is this. I am always looking for extraordinary gadgets and this really is one. Have you ever seen a tape dispenser like this. It has the shape of a flamingo, is pink and glitters. What a great combination (insert heart eyes emoji here) and the tape looks like a pink metallic band but you could change this into a normal one if you like to. Also available as a unicorn or a whale
Wie süß ist dieses Teil ?! Ich bin ja immer auf der Suche nach außergewöhnlichen Sachen, aber das hat mich selbst total überrascht. Ein Flamingo Tesaabroller. So einen hab ich noch nie gesehen. Das beste daran ist das Pink und der Glitzer. Und dazu kam ein Metallicklebeband, welches man aber austauschen kann. Es gibt außerdem noch zwei andere Formen: einen Wal und ein Einhorn. 

#3 Clear cosmetic bag with bee print
 Another pretty cute item I found. I am carrying this in my bigger handbags cause I have a lot of stuff with me all the time and so I can put the smaller things in there so they won´t fly arround in my bag and I can find them much quicker as well because I can see through the bag and spot them before opening.
Noch so eine supersüßes Teil das ich gefunden habe ist diese durchsichtige Kosmetiktasche mit Bienenprint. Die Tasche ist super praktisch für größere Handtaschen und Shopper. Man kann die Sachen gut einsortieren, das nicht immer alles rumfliegt. Ein weiterer Pluspunkt ist das ich vorher schon sehen kann wo was in der Kosmetiktasche liegt.

I found these booties quite a while ago on sale. I know that Spring is ahead and we are all craving for warmer temperatures and sandal weather (I do too) but they are so pretty I just couldn´t resist. How cool is the heel ?!!! It has kind of a red and black leopard pattern all over the heel. This is such a statement piece.
Diese Stiefletten hab ich schon vor einiger Zeit gefunden, aber ich wollte Sie noch in die letzten Favorites mit reinnehmen bevor es wärmer wird. Der Absatz ist das coolste. Er ist dunkelrot mit schwarzem Leopardenprintmuster. Ich finde das ist doch echt mal ein Statementpiece.

#5 Striped knitted vest
This is such a great transitional piece so it is no surprise it is in my current favorites. This vest doesn´t depend on the weather you could wear a t-shirt underneath or a turtleneck however the tempertures are. The colors are not so springish but no one can wear pink all the time am I right ?
Diese Weste ist so klasse weil ich finde das sie nicht auf Jahreszeiten angewiesen ist. Man kann ein T-Shirt genauso gut wie einen Rollkragen darunter ziehen. Es sind nicht unbedingt die frühlingshaftesten Farben, aber man kann ja nicht immer nur Pink tragen.

#6 OGX Renewing argan oil of morocco shampoo and conditioner
I found this by coincidence cause I was looking for the travel version of my shampoo and they only had this one so I gave it a try and I love it. This shampoo really helps my hair. It feels so good after washing and the scent is so great. It is a little pricey in the full version (for a drug store product) but it really works and that is key for me.
Dieses Shampoo mit Conditioner hab ich eigentlich nur durch Zufall gefunden, da ich kleine Behälter für unseren Londontrip gesucht habe und wie sich herausgestellt hat ist die Marke Klasse. Das Shampoo hilft meinem Haar wirklich und der Duft ist zwar zurückhalten aber so angenehm. Die Normalversion zu kaufen ist zwar etwas teurer - also für ein Drogerieprodukt - aber es funktioniert und das ist was hlt fpr mich. 

 I have quite a few more things but I am going to write a beauty and make-up related post too otherwise this would be too long.
Ich habe noch einige Beautyprodute die ich euch gerne zeigen möchte, aber dafür mach ich einen extra Beautypost.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.    


Mar 30, 2017

Outfit: Ruffle top / chained cardigan / destroyed jeans and a hat....

Top similar here / Cardigan similar here / Hat Miss Selfridge / Sunnies H&M / Crossbody bag / Jeans similar here and here / Heels 


Hi beauties,

it is ruffles today - again I know but -  I can´t help it. Give me all the ruffles !! This is gonna be my this years addiction and I am so glad it is so trendy these days :) 
I am a lot into classy colored outfits like black and white with adding a pop of color through accessories so it doesn´t look boring. And for adding some texture a destroyed jeans is always a good option.

 Und heute haben wir Rüschen - wieder mal - aber ich kann nichts dafür. Nicht nur das ich ein absoluter Fan bin - obwohl das bügeln der Horror ist - man sieht sie auch überall diese Saison und so bleiben sie ständig im Hinterkopf. Für jeden Look den ich kreire denke ich zuerst ob ich was mit Rüschen hätte. 
Eine meiner liebsten Farbkombinationen sind klassische schwarz - weiß Kombination und dazu habe ich zwei Tricks damit das ganze nicht zu bieder wirkt. Den Stil brechen mit zerrissenen Jeans oder eine poppige Farbe hinzufügen. Ersteres für hier.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.

Mar 29, 2017

My top 5 restaurants in Regensburg....

Hi dolls,

we all love to go out for dinner (I really do - because I like to cook extraordinary things which means a lot of dirty dishes) so here is a recap of my top 5 restaurants in Regensburg.
Florian and I usually go out for dinner once a week (Wednesday is our date night) and we always take another restaurant to try out new food from other countries or restaurants which just openend.

So today I am showing my top 5 restaurants in our area to you where we love to go over and over again. 

Kullmann´s Diner
 Best burger in Town

This restaurant really defines a restaurant with great American food for me. The inventory is reproduced like the restaurants from the 60´s with red leather chairs and bar stools. They offer the classics like burgers, sandwiches and chicken wings but they also have a variety on different steaks, lots of delicous salads and many options for vegetarians.
I can recommend the:

- Tribeca Diner Sandwich (this was mine)
- Kullman´s Roadside burger (this was Florian´s) - both served with delicious curly fries.

California Kitchen
Beach House

In my imagination this really could be a cool californian beach restaurant where the surfer crowds stop by for lunch or dinner. Is has this wooden and rustic but still comfortable furnishing. The kitchen is light and mexican infused. They got different kinds of salads, chicken teriyaki, burritos or quesadillas filled with vegetables or beef and homemade sauces and burgers as well.

I can definitely recommend the:

- Caesar chicken saldad. The chicken is so juicy and the dressing tastes really great.
- Old fashioned burger with extra cheese. They have a special burger bun only made for their restaurant and this is so good. Also the sauce on the burger is just created for this one. The whole combination tastes awesome.

Sandwiches and Ale
Marple & Stringer

An apple cider, a wooden rustic inventory and delicious fish & chips - that´s what it takes to visit a good english pub. I first was a little sceptical about this one cause the spot is tiny and pretty old and I haven´t tried English food before but we have eaten there many times since the opening. It is a nice and sometimes welcome change.

I can recommend the:

- Fish & chips with 3 different sauces - great to dip
- Pulled pork sandwich - tender meat, a crispy fresh bun, cole and pickles and of course a perfect smoked BBQ sauce

Tiziano Ristorante-Bar
The best Italian restaurant I have ever been to

A small and romantic Italian restaurant with dimmed light and super modern interieur. This is my favorite Italian restaurant in the whole world. The food is so delicous everytime we go there. Usually we are only heading there for a special ocassion since it is a pricey restaurant but this is totally worth it and they are dog friendly. 
(Booking a table is highly recommended - they are always full)

I can recommend the:

- Baby octopus with vegetables (spiced so well with garlic and herbs) and the octopus is so soft - just on point. My absolute all time favorite.

- Spaghetti scampi with scampis and a sauce with lots of garlic.
- Fettuccelle mare e monti with zucchini, scampis and tomatoe sauce.
 -  Fettuccine guilietta e romeo is pasta with mushrooms and beef. I don´t like mushrooms at all but this tasted so so good. 

Florian ate all the pasta. He is trying out a different one each time we go there but I am always picking out the things I want to try. :)

Homecooking interpreted tasty and new

This restaurant is probably the nearest to the Bavarian food traditions. They serve anything you could think about when you are looking for this direction. 
The furnishing is rustic and old-fashioned but this is typical for this kind of restaurants.

They cook traditionally food but with a modern twist. For example I ordered a double-burger and the bun was made of bavarian pretzel dough. So really cool and it tasted great. 

I can recommend the:
- Weltenburger double Burger made of a pretzel bun with french fries and a tasty barbeque dip
- Weltenburger Beercutlet, a cutlet with lots of fried onions and fried potatoe slices
- Schwabenpfandl, little pieces of pork meat in a sauce made of sourcream, broth and mushrooms and some kind of noodles

 They are brewing their own beer which you can also order. -

There are many more good restaurants but these are definitely my top 5 I would recommend to anyone and visit anytime.

Maybe when you are visiting my area you can try out one or two. Feel free to contact me if you would like some information.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.