Apr 26, 2017

Beauty and Make-up products - the latest....


Hi guys,
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I am always curious for new beauty products or trying out existant brands I haven´t used before.
So these are some I had tried out lately. I wanted to write about them in my monthly favorites post but this would have been way to much and the post would have been way to long. 

Watch is from Michael Kors (no longer available in this size - similar here)

You all know how much I love lipsticks and of course I had to try out these ones from Manhattan as they came out - the moisture renew lipstick line. First they had just a few colors but not they offer one for every taste. These are no matte lipsticks they have kind of a glossy finish which I also like from time to time. After getting all the matte products it is nice that you can switch if you like. 
The two colors I have choose are in the pink/berry tones. 
The left one is 900 Crystal Berry and the rigth one is 940 Glam Plum.

Another product I tried out is the L´oréal Paris Skin Perfection face creme. I am always or let me say still on the hunt for the perfect face creme for me. There had been many I tried from AOK to Garnier to Bebe to Neutrogena and the list goes on and on. I have a mixed skin type which means I need mattifying for my nose and chin but at the same time I need lots of hydration cause my skin gets dry very quickly. Not easy. I used this one for about 6 weeks now and I am satisfied with the product. It is a day and night creme in one and for about 12 Euro it is totally fine.

This might be my favorite oil of all time. Let me start from the beginning. I had neurodermatitis when I was a child - really bad in fact - and there are still some dry areas on my body (two on my arms, one on my foot and another one on my neck. From time to time (and I still don´t know the cause for sure) they start to grow and get really really dry and from scratching they become even worse. So I bougth BI-OIL to give it a try. If it can prevent stretch marks in pregnancy maybe it could help my with my skin problems too and it works. It is so so good. It moves into your skin really quick and is not sticky at all. The smell is so good. They offer two sizes. I have the smaller one but I definitely get the bigger bottle when I repurchase it. I hope they never stop producing this product.

These two are just for fun and for the love of pink. And there is a huge love. As I like anything pink and polka dots I had to have those two and I needed a new lash curler anyway. It is from the brand (ebelin) our drug store carries but here are similar ones. The twezzer is from essence (similar here also cute) and it isn´t anything brand new or world changing - I just liked the design and the price point.

I wanted to try this one cause I have been using the egg shaped lipbalm from EOS for years now. It is the sweet mint flavor and it is totally matching with the egg balm but I also like this one. The shape is more praticle for carrying in a small handbag. It isn´t as big as the usual balms.

Blush Berry from the Maybelline Color Show series is my favorite nail polish at the moment. I have also written a whole post about this hues here. I think their polishes are totally fine for 3 Euro. The color is drying really quick and it is high pigmented so you only have to use one layer. 

As always thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you. 

Apr 22, 2017

Casual Saturday #2....

 Hi guys,
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last week wasn´t so much to do like the weeks before (preparing for Easter and getting the decoration up and the tablescpape set and the menu for brunch) but we still did something - not only sat on the sofa.

Still watching "The good wife" and my favorite movie was on TV so I had to watch this one of course - "The devil wears Prada". At the end I always wonder if that is how it works behind a fashion magazine. I ordered one of my favorite Disney movie on DVD. I was thinking of starting to collect all the Disney movies and give it to my future children when they would be able to watch and understand. I think that is a sweet idea.
On Easter Monday we were invited at Florians´grandma´s house for lunch. I must admit that I was really glad cause after two days of brunch I needed a change. She had some kind of serbian sausage with garlic with a sauce with white beans and a some sort of noodles. This sounded really adventurous but it was delicious.

And of course I tried out 2 of my saved recipes. First of all the "Easy Garlic Italian Parmesan Rolls". I love rolls and when they are still warm from the oven you got me. So I had to try these out. Found them on the Blog of Jennca Parcell - A Slice of Style. I really like reading her blog posts and the twins are just the cutest.

The second one is from an Instagram feed I love it is called foodguidevideos. They have short videos on how they make different meals. Once in a while I find one I am really curious about and this is one of them, the Orange Chicken with Rice.

On Thursday we went to my favorite restaurant - the Tiziano in Regensburg to celebrate Florian new job. I was eating the baby octopus with the stir fryed vegetables like usual. My favorite dish there.

Wow - this seems like lots of food this week !!  

I ordered two more rugs. One for the living room and the other one for our bedroom. I am into colors lately. I had that a few years ago and then I wanted everything in white and a light grey color cause this matches anything but these days I really like a splash of color.  

I wanted to set up the patio furniture we got but I got a little quenched by two snow days this week.

Didn´t do this much cause of the Easter holidays there was no training but I am at a Line Dance party tonight. So we´ll see how this is gonna be.

 I started on planing some one day road trips to places which are nearby but first of all the weather has to be better. I am not going anywhere as long as it is still snowing.

I placed a complete order on accessories at Zalando. I am really looking forward on how the pieces are. The main focus is on western buckle belts and waist belts in metallic or rose colors. Since the demand is so huge on belts this Spring and Summer.

And I got those two pretty blouses from the bonprix online shop.

The white one has red stripes and these beautiful ruffled sleeves. This also could be a spanish flamenco blouse. So dreamy.

 The black top is more like a tunic. It is longer and is has the beautiful crochet detailing on the sleeves (also wider) and on the hem. 

They are just to pretty but it is still so cold that I am wearing a blouse - cardigan/blazer combination almost every day.

I am wishing you all a nice weekend and as always thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you. 

Apr 21, 2017

Lipcare - favorite lipbalms and more / The Body Shop / Burt´s Bees / Labello....

Bee natural pomegranate Burt´s Bees / Labello Caramel / Born Lippy Passionberry Body Shop / Lip Balm Strawberry Body Shop / Lip scrub stick Body Shop / Lib scrub Alverde


Hi dolls,
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the long and cold Winter and the dry and warm air from heating up inside has demanded its tribute to our skin. And maybe of all the bodylotions and skincare products we might have forgotten some parts of our body to spoil too. For example the lips. 

They can also get pretty dry but the difference to other body part is you can see it no matter what. If you put on lipstick with dry and crapped lips this looks so neglected - so it would be better to wear none. Believe me I know.

But to get hydrated and smooth lips I found a few products for you I am using and they really turned out to be great. 

First of all a lip scrub is a good idea. I got this lip scrub stick from the Body shop. It works pretty well. I has little particles in the stick which take away the dead skin cells and leave a soft and smooth feeling on your lips.  Another good option is this Alverde Sugar Lip Scrub.

For the days where I am not using the lipscrub I am using a lipbalm in the morning before putting on my lipstick and in the evening before going to bed. I had the same brand for years and I will keep them as long as they are available to buy. They are the The Body Shop Lip Butter and Born Lippy . Mine are Strawberry and Passion Fruit. I love them. They are the best for dry lips and help them a lot staying hydrated through day and night. 

But there are pretty good alternatives if you don´t have a Body Shop near you and if you don´t want to order online. These are drug store products and almost everywhere available - the lipbalm from Burt´s Bees (they also have different scents) and the Labello lipbutter (my favorite is caramel).

I got them in my handbag for daily use or for the case I forgot to apply in the morning which happens quite often.

Der lange Winter und die damit verbundene trockene Heizungsluft verlangt unserer Haut alles ab. Und mit den ganzen verschiedenen Cremes und Hautpflegeprodukten für alle möglichen Körperteile haben wir im Eifer des Gefechts vielleicht eines vergessen: unsere Lippen.
Diese können auch ziemlich trocken werden und im Vergleich zu anderen Körperteilen kann man das sofort sehen - spätestend dan wenn man Lippenstift aufträgt und lauter kleine Hautfitzel wegstehen. Das ist nicht schön - gar nicht. Glaubt mir ich weiß wovon ich rede.
Aber auch das kann man Beheben. Um wieder schöne weiche und gepflegte Lippen zu bekommen habe ich ein paar meiner liebsten und effizientesten Produkte aufgelistet.
Zuallererst fangen wir dem Lippenpeeling an um die weghängenden Hautschuppen wegzubekommen. Hier habe ich zwei Optionen. Den Lip Scrub Stick vom Body Shop. Er ist wie ein Lipbalm aber mit lauter kleinen Peelingkörnchen. Man trägt Ihn auch direkt auf die Lippen auf. Die andere Alternative ist ein Lipscrub aus der Tube von Alverde. Die groben Partikel dort sind aus Zucker. 
Ich finde beide gut, aber den Stick vom Body Shop mag ich lieber da der so minzig frisch ist.
Danch kommen wir zum pflegenden Aspekt mit einem nährreichen Lip Balm.
Ich habe hier zwei vom Body Shop aufgelistet aber auch zwei die es in der Drogerie zu kaufen gibt. 
Diesen trage ich abends und morgens dick auf meine Lippen auf. Meistens zieht der eh sofort ein sodass es mit dem Lippenstift auch kein Problem gibt. 
Außerdem habe ich immer einen in meiner Handtasche dabei, falls ich mal es mal vergessen sollte, was ziemlich oft geschieht. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.

Apr 19, 2017

Outfit: Blush cardigan / watercolor pattern blouse / LYDC London chain bag....

Jeans similar here and here / Blouse similar here and here / Cardigan similar here and here / Sunnies H&M / Bag similar here, here and here / Booties similar here and here both on sale! / Belt similar here and here


Hi beauties,
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sometimes there have to be all things rosy or in this case in a light blush tone. I love this color and I am so happy that it is so modern and you can get so many pieces in this shade. 

I had worn this outfit on a casual day where the only thing we did was to get some Indian food for take-away. How boring I know. But I had been dancing the whole day and Florian had a soccer game so we were really lazy in the evening and glad we didn´t have to go anywhere. 

The watercolor print on this blouse is just so pretty. There are so many different colors which can be paired with it. I also have this blouse as a sweater which is pretty cool too. I paired it with an oversized blush cardigan from Topshop and a pair of boyfriend pants from Mango.

Manchmal muss es eben Rosa sein und in diesem Fall ist es ein leicht rosefarbener Puderton. Ich bin so ein Fan dieser Farbe und wirlich froh das Sie es geschafft hat so modern zu werden. 
Dieses Outfit habe ich an einem ganz normalen Sonntag getragen, an dem unsere einzige Aktivität darin bestand indisches Essen zum mitnehmen abzuholen. Hört sich wirlich langweilig an, ich weiß aber ich hab den ganzen Tag getantzt und Flo hatte ein Fußballspiel und manchmal ist es einfach schön nichts zu tun.
Die Bluse hat einen Aufdruck der an ein Bild gemalt mit Wasserfarben errinnert. Und was mir daran am besten gefällt ist, dass es so viele Farbe beinhaltet und somit so gut zu kombinieren ist. Hier habe ich es mit einer hellen Boyfried Jeans und einem Oversized cardigan kombiniert. War wirklich gemütlich :)

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.

Apr 17, 2017

Rosewood - my go-to color for make-up products....


Hi guys,
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the Easter celebrations are almost over (we are heading to one last brunch today - gonna be the third one in three days) and we had lots of family time and good food - a lot of good food. Today we are heading to Florians grandma and in the afternoon we have a little spare time. I have to clean up and maybe I am finding a few of the easter eggs which aren´t found. We headed to a great new Sushi place on Saturday. It was beyond delicious. We have to go back to work on Tuesay - unfortunately. Another 10 weeks to go until we are heading to our next vacation.

But let´s talk about some pink stuff.
Don´t we all have our favorite colors for beauty products whether it is super trendy at the moment or not ? I think so. 
My go to color for blush and lipstick had always been a deeper rose shadow. Nower days it is called Rosewood and I am really glad that this color got into fashion so there is a bigger range on products in this color from different brands.

Die Osterfeierlichkeiten sind fast schon wieder vorbei (heute fahren wir zum Dritten und Letzten Osterbrunch) und dabei hatten wir wirklich eine schöne Zeit und viel Spass. Heute Mittag sind wir bei Florians Oma und am Nachmittag haben wir ein bisschen Freizeit. Am Samstag Abend haben wir ein neues Sushi Restaurant in unserer Stadt ausprobiert und es war einfach nur köstlich. Morgen müssen wir schon wieder weiter arbeiten - leider, aber in ca. 10 Wochen fahren wir schon in den Urlaub (is noch ganz schön weit weg aber die Zeit vergeht schnell).

Here are my favorite products in this gorgeous color:

Nail polish:
Maybelline Color Show - Blush berry
Essie - In stitches
essence- English rose

Manhattan - Elegant Violet
essence - berry me up!
Artdeco - Crystal garden blusher

Lip products:
L´oréal Paris Lip Paint / Laquer - Darling pink
Catrice Matt Lip Artist
L´oréal Paris Color Riche - Eva´s delicate rose
essence Lip Liner - Wish me a rose
What color do you prefer for your Make-up?

Take care. See you.