Sep 28, 2017

Hair tutorial - how I curl my hair and the products I am using....

^usually it was about the hair style but I kind of liked the outfit so....^

^first I section off my strands and I take those clips to keep them in place^

^I use heat protection spray for every layer befor I start to curl^

^I take out thin strands and comb them befor I start to curl -
always curling with the wand up (I know many might curl with the wand upside down but I prefer this - you have to find this out by yourself - also I am not using the clamp on the curling wand, I just wrap it around and hold it by myself for about 10 seconds)^

^I curl from the back to the front and from the bottom to the top to make sure I don´t forget a hair strand^

^for every layer I already curled I am using haispray so they will hold their shape^

^usually I don´t take a brush to comb through, I just take my fingers which works just fine for me (only brushing through on the second day cause the curls aren´t that pretty anymore then and when I comb them they turn to be pretty waves^

^last step is to use some hairspray to let the curls set in and make them last longer^

^et voilà^

hair clips amazon / Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual / book Lauren Conrad Beauty amazon


Hi guys,

I have really been into curling my hair lately. There are always different kinds of hairstyles I love and others I don´t but that changes throughout the year or the years. And in fact I am coming back to each hairstyle from time to time.

So in today´s post I am sharing how I curl my hair and which products I use.

I have natural wavy hair which means if I let it air dry after washing it takes about three hours and I get half curls. The curls are half curly and half wavy and that looks pretty dumb. Also my hair looks really frizzy when it dries without any help (I had the prettiest curls as a little girl and also almost white hair).

Curling my hair works best if I start with fresh dry hair. So washing my hair before is a real must. As I have such dry scapl I am using the L´oréal anti-dandruff shampoo series. Since they don´t have a conditioner (which would be available in Germany) I am using an argan oil lotion afterwards and let it set in. I got this hair serum from Logona which makes my hair incredibly soft and silky. The main ingridient is argan oil so it also smells incredible good (and it is under 10€).

Before curling I am using the heat protection spray from GHD or the morrocan hair oil from Lee Stafford.

The curling wand I am using is the Remington keratin therapy pro curl. The barrel only has a diameter of 19 mm which make pretty small and curly curls. But if you comb through them (I only do that with my fingers) after they cooled they are really beautiful.

For the finishing touch I am using the Elnett De Luxe hairspray. This is my favorite hairspray since I was 16.



  1. Anonymous10/02/2017

    Die Haare sind ja traumhaft :-*

    Melanie /

    1. Und erneut ein großes Dankeschön :)


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