Feb 8, 2017

Outfit: Codello scarf / pink cardigan / leather jacket / Mango crossbody bag....

Cardigan similar here and here / Scarf similar here and here / Skirt similar / Tights / Heels / Bag similar here and here


Hi guys

this is one Spring inspired Outfit shot on a day where it couldn´t be more Winter. It rained during the night and it was freezing in the morning so there was ice everywhere. We couldn´t even get to our cars, there was just no way of walking. I think even Chloe felt weird because she did not know at all what this was about so she ran out and slipped on the ice like Bambi the deer kid from the Disney movie. My poor little puppy.

That is one of the reason we shot this inside. I didn´t even wanted to shot it on the same day but we got stuck at home and I was already dressed up for work. Maybe not such a bad coincidence cause at least I was matching with my candles :)

On this kind of days I am so jealous on everyone else who has already Spring weather or is at least on vacation at the Moment. Don´t get me wrong I loved it when it started to snow. This is so great for Christmas and Holiday season but as I am not skiing or snowboarding I would be glad it could have green gras and blossoms out there now.

I am currently in the mood for the smaller and lighter kinds of scarf so I am wearing silky ones like this cloth from Codello a lot.
And as you can  see I am totally into pink right know. I already started decorating for Spring and this is definitely my number one color for this year.

Thanks for stopping by.
Take care. See you.