Feb 23, 2017

Outfit:Tulle back pullover / grey pants / burgundy heels / fringe bag / handkerchief....

Jeans similar / Pullover very similar here and here and here / Scarf not so similar / Bag similar here / Heels similar here and here


Hi dolls, 

last Sunday I dissed the "rule" of not wearing white pants in the Winter. First of all you can wear whatever you like, the second about it is that we are so close to Spring right now that it is possible of course and third I didn´t even wear a whole white pair of jeans. This was more than a greyish-white mixture. 

But let´s talk about the pullover - how. cute. is. the. back !!!!!. It has this see through tulle inset in the back which is so beautiful. And the color - it is kind of a purply blue tone which I paired with this small scarf which showed the same blue and this rich burgundy color. The fringe bag made the whole light and complete.

My hairs where really out of control this day.

Thanks for stopping by. 
Take care. See you.