Apr 20, 2018

Food Friday - homemade cashew creamer(dairy free)....

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Hi guys,

since I am cutting out most of the dairy products from my diet I am always on the search for other options and also for new products. I am a huge coffe lover addict so the most important part for me was to find a replacement for the milk in my coffee. 

I was drinking soy milk for a long time and then I switched to oat milk which I honestly enjoy much more. It tastes a little sweeter and I like it a lot better. Recently I was at the supermarket and looking for another type of milk - you can´t have to many options am I right - and I wanted to try the cashew milk but in fact I wasn´t ready to pay 7 Euro for one litre. This is insane expensive for just adding to your coffee. So I decided to try it myself.

I bought a pack of cashews and drove home.

The recipe is really simple. Step one is to put the needed amount of cashews into a bowl of water and let them soak for about 4 hours. I always take one cup so I have at least a little meassurement.

Afterwards you pour into a strainer to get rid of the water. Put your cashews into your blender, add water, I add two cups but this depends on how thick you like your creamer. 

For flavor you can add a teaspoon of vanilla paste, or a table spoon of maple syrup or even agave syrup to add some sweetness.

Blend everything together and fill it into a glass jar. Whether you are taking one with a screw cap or a swing top use a funnel to avoid the spilling and the mess afterwards. I buy the bottles at our local drug store but they are available almost everywhere.

You can store the cashew creamer in your fridge for about 5 days so I would recommend smaller bottles if you are not a daily coffee drinker.

This might be the easiest recipe I have ever posted. 

Are you guys also love to make things by your own instead of buying it?

Thanks for stopping by.  Take care. See you.

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