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Hello everybody and welcome to my blog, I am really happy you are here.

Let me introduce myself to you.

I am Katie, a twenty-something girl living with my husband and our little dog in our house near Regensburg in Germany. We moved in there in the Spring of 2016 and made our selves really comfortable.

I created my blog because I love to be creative and this is a way to show my ideas with as many of my readers as possible. I love to create different styles and I am very interested into fashion. I do like trendy pieces as much as the classics and mixing and matching them to get new and unique looks to share with you guys is always so much fun. Fashion is way more than just a pile of clothes. It is a way to express yourself , how you feel and how you like to be noticed by others and nowadays it is as present as never. 

Although I think style is for free and a sense for fashion and combining pieces is priceless so I am all about affordable fashion and beauty pieces. There is great quality in every price range (Check out my Where I shop tag to find out more about that).

There are some quotes of designer luminaries which describe the theme pretty good:

Coco Chanel - "Every day is a fashion show and the world is the runway"
Yves Saint Laurent - "Dressing is a way of life"

Besides fashion I am a coffee addict, a handbag lover (might have gotten this from my aunt) and an admirer of all things pretty. I can´t live without glitter and glamour cause I think in the right amount it makes life way sparklier. Dressing up well has always been very important to me and I would rather be overdressed than anything else.

Since we moved into our house I am totally into home decor and Pinterest was/is a great help for inspiration. I am showing room by room to you when I am completely done decorating.

This is mainly a fashion blog with 4 to 5 fashion related posts a week (I am not posting on Sunday) but since there are many more things I would like to share with you I have a Casual Saturday series where I am showing recipes I tried out lately, or which products I found lately or anything else that happened in this week.

If you have any questions or you just would like to chat feel free to contact me via e-mail at kati1990neu@googlemail.com.

Have fun browsing through my blog and collecting some inspiration.

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